Servants of the Divine

Avatars – Physical embodiment of the Divine on Seken. Epitomizes all aspects of their God, and acts in accordance with their will. Because of their nature or outside influences (the imprisoned Gods, for example), not all Divine can or will manifest full Avatars on Seken.

Direct Servants – Divine Servants differ from Avatars in that they do not embody the entirety of their Divine patron. Some are highly representative of a particular slice their God, some serve a specific role for pursue an agenda for them. Think of them as Angels. A small handful of these servants are godlings, though only some Gods have this type of connection to them.

Godtouched – Mortals with a Divine’s direct touch. Some of these are mortals have a destiny or are guided to a fulfill a purpose by their Divine patron. Others simply have a connection to a particular God, either through direct intervention by the Divine for reasons beyond the ken of mortals, or through a more ahem greek manner.

The exact nature these divine servants are varied, and reflect the Gods they represent. Many of the Gods have trouble interacting directly with Seken because of either their nature (Caillech) or because of their current state (Takara, Temen).
For example, Risen are somewhere between Godtouched and Direct Servants. This is because Caillech is too powerful and too far removed from Seken to touch it lightly. When her touch and attention linger on a mortal, it fundamentally changes them.

Servants of the Divine

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