Jeris District

walled, wealthy human district. many artisans

Jeris District is peopled by the rich and powerful of Valenci, those that arent high nobles anyway. The district is almost exclusively wealthy (of various levels) humans, with their servants and guards making up the small non-human minority. Several specialty artisans also make their home in this district as well, especially things like jewelers and illuminators.

Jeris is a walled district, though it only restricts access to the district from 9pm-5am. The district itself is quite varied, with smaller versions of the noble compounds making up the north-eastern section, while the south-west area focuses on markets, shops, and guildhalls. In between are mixed housing, theaters, restaurants, tailors and other trappings of an upper-crust lifestyle.

Places of Note:

  • Margove Tower An arcane college, very isolated from the rest of the district
  • Marlton Academy Long the school of choice for the wealthy and privleged sorcerors, Marlton focuses as much on manners as on spellcasting
  • Fai Lin Opera House – Another of the Mayagami Societies theaters, tends to play slimmed down versions of plays leaving the main Mayagami stage in the Korpesh District.
  • Artisan’s Guildhouse – A small converted theater, the arguements that almost constantly ring from it’s halls can be heard all the way out in the street
  • Clothier Guildhouse – A small builing attached to a shared textile warehouse that serves as the infrequently used meeting place for this small guild
  • Lamplighter’s Guildhouse – A large, slightly out of style mansion near the edge of the Jeris markets serves as home for this guild
  • Hoskin’s Compound – Hoskin’s owns three large estates side by side, and uses them to house their business offices, training facilities, and employee quarters

Jeris District

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