While Guilds exist in many countries, this is (at the moment) primarily related to Korpesh only.

The Guild’s began nearly three centuries ago as loose affilitions of craftsmen and women looking to help stabalize and control the market for increased profits. They suceeded, far beyond their wildest dreams. The Guilds of this day and age are country-wide (and sometimes further than that!) monopolies on their chosen profession and trade is almost entirely funnled through them. Because of their control of the trade revenue, they effectively bought themselves an equal share in the government, competing fiercely with the Nobles for the position of financier and power behind the throne in Korpesh. They have become so influential that many non-guild organizations strive to emmulate Guild actions, to increase their respectability.

Korpesh’s Guilds have formed a Council, a grouping of 12 Guilds elected by general vote of all registered Guild members in good standing. Elections are held every two years.

The current Guild Council is made up of

Other notable Guilds include:

  • The Stonecutters Guild – was once responsible for most of the quarrying and stone work in Korpesh, has been losing ground to the Ironmonger’s for years now
  • The Cartwright’s Guild – You wouldnt think that the people that make and maintain carts could form such a power base, but they have done an excellent job. Without carts, supplies cant move around Valenci from the dock, and carts created or maintained by other groups have a strange habit of breaking at the worst possible moment…
  • The Divine School of Culinary Perfection – Usually just called the Chefs. A training program for high quality chefs of all sorts, they supply most of the rich and powerful with the people that feed them. Strives to maintain a low-profile and apolitical reputation, to avoid offending clients.
  • Hoskin’s – a private army/security force. Unlike other merc groups these warriors are as well trained in manners as they are in combat. Most estates in the city have at least a handful of undercover Hoskin agents working as servants.
  • The Clothier Guild – A relatively small, niche guild. Chose not to join with the others of the same type when they formed the Artisan’s Guild, and has prospered for it as the Artisan’s are paralyzed by differences of opinions.
  • The Lamplighters – Guild responsible for maintaining the lamps in Valenci’s richer districts. Also sells watchdog services for an extra fee


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