The Duchy of Deston, legally allowed to continue to be called Allied Tribes of the Deston Hills, is the poorest of Korpesh’s seven Duchies. Led by Lord Retark Deston, Deston is a craggy and harsh land. While it has grown to encompass more, the heart of Deston, both physically and culturally, remains the Deston Hills, and the majority of the residents of the providence are found here, living in small nomadic tribes pursuing scant game across the rough terrain.

Its desolate appearance belies its importance in Korpesh’s history. It was these primitive tribesmen, united behind the legendary Farsk of Many Tribes that swept north and east out of the Deston Hills, conquering the land that is now Kalb and Mann in less than 5 years. After conquering the rich lands of Kalb and Mann, they moved south, finally sweeping around the Ramil Forest and conquering what is now Carborn as well after 7 years of hard fighting. (It is a point of pride for Caborn that they help out longer than both their nothern neighbors combined, and Deston residents still tend to be better dispossed towards Carborn than any other part of Korpesh.) Before serious dissent could simmer up in the newly conqured provinces, the tribesmen returned to their hills to create the city they felt they deserved, and leaving behind only a handful of tribesmen to watch their new holdings. The tribesmen proved to be suprisingly good leaders, leaving most of the local powers in place and setting up a system of regional rulership answering to Farsk himself above that. This became the basis on which the country of Korpesh was founded, and the conquered kingdoms with their self rule became the Duchies of today.

Deston is currently experiencing a revolution of sorts. For the past 50 years, more and more of it’s residents have abandoned the cities and town and returned to the hills, to live as their ancestors did. This trend was frowned upon, and in some cases actively fought against by every Duke of Deston until the current one, who has, in a dramatic departure, personally embraced the movement.

Deston exports almost nothing, its once rich ore deposits and quarries reduced to nothing more than a trickle maintained mostly by down-on-their-luck individuals hopeful that The Ironmonger’s Guild somehow missed a motherload. It has only 3 permenant towns of any note, the most spectacular (and eerie) being Korpesh City, located in the center of the Deston Hills, along the Halak River. Korpesh City onced served as capital to Korpesh, in its early days, and it represents all the glory and desires that the tribes strived for. Immense buildings made from the finest stone stand for the most part empty, with only a few of the old palaces, those nearest to the river still in use today.

The Deston family colors are grey and white. Their family crest is a wolf, either black or white.


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