Current Game

A6E15 complete!

Got the muscle for a trip into the sewers,
Sent a message to the Fuzoku Butsu,
And arranged for the trip into Averton,

All logistics, all the time

Also, apparently Skin Thieves steal skin. Holy crap! Shocking!

It is currently: 33 Fare 557K (About to be 34 Fare)
Doesn’t make sense to you? Check the Calendar section!

I have also started a Timeline of major current events.

Tune in in 2 weeks for another exciting adventure of Seken!

If you have a lot of time and want to prepare, I suggest you make sure you know the gods (at the very least the ones your char cares about) and the districts of Valenci, as well as some of the basic information about the world (like the Gods). Don’t worry about remembering everything, there is a huge amount, and you will have the wiki available at game.

Current Game

Seken rakasta