Valenci City Watch

The Valenci City Watch, currently run by newly-appointed Captain Dame Elwyn Fyss, is the notoriously corrupt and bureaucratic organization of guards that are charged with safe-guarding the public an enforcing the King’s law. While corruption has been a part of the history of the Watch for years, the increasingly erratic and nonsensical nature of Hator I’s later years of reign helped cause in explosion in the volume and level of graft amongst the Watch.

Functionally, the Watch is divided into three distinct sections, the rank and file of the Watch, the Noble Musters, and the Underwatch. The rank and file are decently trained an fairly well-equiped, but their main purpose is to ensure that everything remains calm, not that everything remains lawful, and they will often look the other way as long as things remain relatively quiet, and groups like the various Valenci Gangs police themselves. The Noble Musters are made up of Lord and Ladylings, second and third children from all strata of the Noble House. Law requires a percentage of the members the noble families serve in some branch of the Armed forces, and a large number chose this. They theoretically patrol the Noble and Government districts, but in reality just stay in their clubhouses and expirament with new and trendy vices. The Musters are by far the most corrupt part of the Watch. The Underwatch patrols The Underbelly and are tasked with keeping unauthorized individuals out. They also serve to protect and assist The Cleaners, should they need it.

The rank and file of the Watch are clad in dark blue, with different colored sashes indicating rank and assignment location of the individual. The Noble Musters dress in red tunics, often specially comissioned by their wearers to be as flashy and valuable as possible. The Underwatch dress in plain brown wool tunics and capes.

There is a group that has been putting down the riots that are popping up around the city with brutal efficiency. Despite the fact that they dress as the City Watch, they are much better trained and have an uncanny knowledge of where the trouble is going to pop out. They assemble, flash mob style, put down the trouble and drift back into the crowd. So far no one has managed to track down where they are coming from, or who is behind them.

Valenci City Watch

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