Capital city of Korpesh.

Valenci is a huge bustling city on the banks of the Avanei River. While it holds many jaw-dropping wonders, it also teems with the poor and less fortunate members of society. The vast majority of the residents of the city live in squalor, trying to make a living as best as possible in the slums. Crime runs rampant, corruption is the norm, and bureaucracy tangles up even the simplest request.

Valenci apparently sits on top of a weak spot in reality, as far as you can tell. At the very least the border between the Astral and Seken is thin here (having been described as ‘gnawed away’). it also sits upon some sort of convergence of ley lines, which may have something to do with the fragile boundary issue.

Valenci was burned roughly 550 years ago, during the sack by Farsk of Many Tribes. Evidence has come to light that the city was not destroyed as a result of the sack, but rather that Macha attempted to form in the city, and Farsk somehow confronted her and stopped it, though no one knows how. What you do know is that the remnants of that version of city lie underneath the Government district, almost wholly intact and hundreds of feet below where it should, geographically speaking, have lain.

Welcome to the capital city of the greatest nation on Seken…

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