The Rhys-Callay

Less an organized faction than a loose affiliation of like-minded Deities. The Rhys-Callay, the Savage Ones, belonged to Takara’s court, and were used to enforce his laws upon Seken, weeding out the weak and striving to make sure nothing disrupted the great plan. They were not overly loyal to Takara, however, and when The Godsmen took over and began to look to expand their power and bring wayward Divine under their thumb Gelt gathered several of the less civilized Dieties together and formed what is, in effective, a mutual protection pact. They have almost no politics that they pursue as a group or unified stances, but they will work together to ensure that no single member is pressured to bend to anyone else’s will.

Members: Aodan, Gelt, Har-Tam, Arashi, Ramliya (dead), Akhlut (chained by the Godsmen), Ne’et

Macha was until recently considered a member, but was recently Named as a Voidwalker by Caillech.

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The Rhys-Callay

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