The Ironmonger's Guild

Despite it’s name, it has grown to control all mining in Korpesh, as well as a great deal of other heavy industry. They are unquestioningly one of the most powerful Guilds, if not the most, and they have signifigant pull with the Army, Navy, City Watch, and most of the mercenary companies. Their Guildmaster, Joyn Rong, has parlayed this mercilessly to amass and marshall even greater influence than the Guild has ever weilded before.

The Irongmonger’s have the largest and most elaborate of the Guildhalls, a massive building in the Government District of Valenci that serves as an easily distinguishable landmark. It’s bell-tower serves as an unofficial center point of the city, as it can be seen from nearly anywhere in the city.

The Ironmonger’s greatest thorn in their side has so far been The Thieves Guild. Not only do the thieves take a special pleasure in raiding the Ironmonger’s purses, but they have gone so far as to set up a mock facade, identical to the Ironmonger’s Guildhouse in every way. The Ironmonger’s are constantly tweaking and updating their building to try and outdo the thieves and distinguish themselves. It has become something of a game for the thieves to uncover planned updates, and have them completed at the same time as the Ironmonger’s. If anyone knows where this animosity originated, they aren’t talking.

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The Ironmonger's Guild

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