The Howlers

Capiss District Sub and demihuman slum/boardering markets

The Howlers are a demihuman gang (primarily elves) that makes its home in the Capiss district. Sawtooth’s Bunch has been moving into Capiss for years, and the two gangs have an uneasy peace. So far, the district has been divided up with the primarily subhuman blocks under Sawtooth’s power and the primarily demihuman under the howlers, with the lower class markets serving as neutral/free territory. This has worked well, but with no more room to grow, members in both gangs are worried it will result in a long-delayed conflict over resources.

Lead by and fanatically loyal to Ulphilas, a charismatic and physically powerful elf, the Howlers are modern primitives, city dwellers that reject most of the trappings of modern society and embrace an idealized simple ‘barbarian’ lifestyle. They are easily picked out by their distinctive leather vests trimmed with white fur, red-stained lips and unusual weapon selections. Most (almost all, actually) of the Howlers are elves, but Ulphilas has been known to let others that prove their loyalty and can survive the harsh initiation rituals.

The Howlers’ main income comes from the markets, simple thuggish robbery and a bit of pick-pocketing from their younger members. They supplement this with hiring themselves out as muscle, and trading in Kaffa Leaf. When Kaffa Leaf is chewed it increases the energy and physical strength of the user, but also heightens the fight response. When used in vast quantities, it can drive even the most even-keeled individual into a beserker rage. Long-term use stains the lips red from the leaf’s juice.

Recently sent a representative to meet with other movers and shakers in response to the Devlin corruption notice. They have kept quiet and out of the way, but they are there. No one is quite sure what to make of it, or what it means for the future.

The Howlers

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