The Golden Eye

Widely considered a laughing stock, this collection of fortune tellers, witch doctors, snake oils salesmen and alchemists was elected to the latest session of the Council with the open support of The Ironmonger’s Guild. It is widely speculated that the Ironmonger’s were just looking for another lame duck Council member, so as to increase their own power, and thus far the Golden Eye has obliged.

Lady C delivered a note to Raisa apparently naming the Golden Eye as her employers, so perhaps they are something more?

Visiting their Guildhouse (if you can get past the stoned Elf at the front desk, who is either brilliant or an idiot) provides proof that the Golden Eye is, if nothing else, highly skilled in the Alchemical Arts. Its greater purpose and the reasons for keeping their true capabilities quiet remain a mystery, though you might speculate that they were created to serve as an obstruction for the foul acts of the Wizards, whom they have repeatedly stood against now.

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The Golden Eye

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