The Fuzoku Butsu

An almost permanent member of the Council since they first developed the means to create magic items without the usual quirks and drawbacks that limit their usefulness in Seken and began to put them up for sale on the market. Little is known about the members of this Guild, as they value their privacy as highly as their profits, and spare no expense to ensure they maintain both. Any fools who try to pry into their business are strongly discouraged and any madmen idiot enough to attempting to break into their compound in the Graveyard District are forfeiting their life. This has lead to many, many rumors about the Fuzoku Butsu, several of them sinister in nature, but little hard facts. They Fuzoku Butsu are almost entirely a-political, only voting on measures that they feel directly affect their strange and varied interests. This behavior, coupled with the monopoly on troubles-free magical items give them a great deal of leeway with the monarchy. Even most nobles look the other way for most transgressions, rather than risk losing access to their resources.

This Guild is unique in that it is not only found in Korpesh, but has branches in every major nation on Seken.

Fuzoku Butsu members are easily recognizable by their very distinct armor: custom plate that covers the entire body with a featureless white mask obscuring their face. While they may carry many different styles of weapons or objects, all have a folding crossbow mounted on their left forearm.

The Fuzoku Butsu apparently rule Zirk, a small city-state squatting on the edge of the Blasted Zone to the South-West. There they use the local populace (who are almost all suffering from advance Takara’s Virus) to mine something from within the Blasted Zone itself. Exactly what is mined remains a mystery.

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The Fuzoku Butsu

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