Otik District

Located near the heart of Valenci, the Otik district has grown into a center of business, entertainment and culture for the sprawling city. A combination wall street and red light district, Otik is the place to go for high end business and pleasure, no matter how illegal.

Huge numbers of bars, restaurants, performance halls, shops and sources for more illicit entertainment are located throughout the district, as are several guildhalls. The District’s main streets have an almost carnival-like atmosphere of nonstop partying (though it oes slow somewhat during the brigther hours), and brightly-lit buildings beckon slack-jawed visitors to come taste their many temptations. The quieter streets and back alleys, however, are much rougher, and visitors are urged not to go wandering in the dark.

Most low-level crime in this district is handled by a group that calls itself the Beggar’s Palace. They keep their actions mostly to panhandling, confidence games, pickpocketing, and muggings of idiots that wander too far from the main drag, and pay Ssama for the privledge of working on their turf.

Places of Note: (several of these are joint entries, ie several different locations run by a single group)

  • Maelsh Temple/Gambling House – garishly decorated with constantly changing illusions, this large building is the place to go for clean games of chance of all stripes
  • Marius Holy Brewery – Years ago a handful of Marius’ followers managed to convince government bureaucrats to allow a ‘holy brewery’, which they run to this day, and sell what they dont drink
  • Vikon Clinic – Like all of Vikon’s clinics, this one serves the neighborhood, charging next to nothing for the services they provide. Most ‘clients’ are victems here of muggings, though several prostitutes frequent the clinic and nearly every bouncer of the various clubs finds their way here sooner or later
  • Private Gambling Houses – These are on nearly every block of Otik. Many specialize in certain games, or cater to specific societal groups. Others are fronts for illegal money-laundering operations or serve as diversions for patrons waiting for drugs or sex. Most are either clean or very subtle about cheating, given the competition from Maelsh’s temple, which runs only clean games.
  • Ssama League Holdings – Ssama is the largest single landholder in Otik district. Their property rages from small pubs and theaters to the legendary “Big House” an block-sized labyrinth of stages, bars, drug dens, rooms (and girls) for hire and even, according to rumor, arenas, where the truly rich and powerful can watch some bloodsport.
  • The Brewer’s Guildhouse – Guildhouse is perhaps the wrong word for this building. Central Brewery and cellars might be a better description of this centrally located converted warehouse
  • The Silkies Guildhouse – The guildhouse is everything you would expect of the guild that is responsible for the import of most luxury goods. Small, lavishly decorated (in fantastic if somewhat opulant taste, and guarded night and day by silk-swaddled killers, these offices serve the Silk Guild as their meeting places for contract negotiations
  • The Korpesh Regulatory Committee Guildhouse – The KRC has long does business out of this quiet, unassuming looking two story house, just of Otik’s main drag
  • The Foamers Guildhouse – The Foamers only recently moved here from Balsam district, and are still in the process of repairing and updating this former tavern
  • The Divine School of Culinary Perfection – This is the training hall for the group usually just called the Chefs. A large seating area/restaurant is available for trainees to cook for, and recieve feedback from. Seating is first come, first served, although security trie to keep out the rabble
  • Non-Aligned Performer’s Association Performance Halls – The Association runs 14 theaters and 21 concerts halls within Otik’s borders. Most are small theaters, owned by members of group and funded by coalitions of performers looking to perform. As such, the variety of production value and quality of performance varies, but is usually above average. Certaintly better than you would see in a street performance.
  • Free City of Iambus Trading Post – Iambus is known for exporting two things: Gladiators and gamblers. This cozy three story office serves as the center for Iambus’ legal trade in necessities from Korpesh and contract negotiations for top notch dealers seeking employment. It is an open secret that it also serves as the place to negotiate contracts of gladiators to fight in the illegal arenas beneath Otik

Otik District

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