there are several Noble Houses. The Major Houses (with the notable exceptions of Westerlyn and Zeitgast) are descendants of the most powerful local rulers in their area, raised to run the region by the tribes that founded Korpesh.


Each of the Major Noble Houses is based in and runs a Duchy within Korpesh. Most also maintain a dwelling within Valenci, to avoid being left out of political decisions. The Dukes and Duchesses were the balance to the power or the Monarch for years, mainly in the form of economic control, but the rise of the Guilds has added another player in the mix, and threatens to erode their power. The Nobles are engaged in a long-running struggle for command of the economic resources of Korpesh.


The minor houses do not own Duchies, but they are signifigant landholders. Historically, elevation was a way to reward loyal landowners that supported the Monarch. There have been few elevations to peerage since the Nobles began to flex their muscles and try and exert their influence over Korpesh. Here are the minor noble houses that own land near to Valenci

  • Xarx Kalb Liege-house, heavily involved in the Army
  • Elberson Kalb Liege-house, a trading family. It’s fortunes are on the rise
  • Muher Kalb liege-house, runs much of the rich farming north of Valenci
  • Aghalion Another farming family, has never officially sworn loyalty to Kalb
  • Gyjon More of a tribe than a noble family, lives in the Sarlosin Swamp, and aids in the Gas mining there

there is no noble council, although like-minded houses frequently support one-another in court.


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