Lord Riché Mann is the Duke of the coastal Province of Mann, an currently serves as Korpesh‘s Lord Admiral. Lord Mann used to be Hator I’s most hated enemy, and even organized a rebellion against his rule that was quickly and harsh put down, but the Mann’s have prospered, nor suffered, since those events. The Duchy of Mann is a prosperous one, with income from both military and commercial shipbuilding and sea-based trade. The Mann family is rumored to be closing in on the Kalb family, in terms of largest income, and the two often find themselves at odds because of this, despite their relatively similar agendas. The Mann’s also have a longstanding an barely contained war with The Foamers over control of the ship-building and trade of the Mann province, and the profits it brings in.

Mann exports little in the way of raw materials, but has a hand in most of the fishing and trade business that Korpesh engages in, both sea-based and that coming down the Vankest River from Fla. Its Artisan’s, especially its jewlers, have a reputation for producing the finest products in Korpesh. Additionally, few sailors in Seken have not heard of the beauty and formidable resiliance of Mannish ships. While many Mannish shipwrights claim the strength comes entirely from the time, effort, and dedication to craft they pour into every vessel, they have another advantage, in the form of the Lethe Forest, which produces massive, straight-grain timber.

While Mann encompasses quite a bit of land south of the Vankest River, there are no cities there, and almost no human inhabitants. Legend has it that the headland that just out into the ocean, ending in the Cliffs of Fol is claimed by a fearsome and vindictive Godling that subtly works to keep others out of it’s home. While there is little evidence to support this, it is har to deny that every colonization attempt in the headlands has failed. Government Bureaucrats have taken to calling it the Eastern Wastes, despite its relatively good soil, to help explain away the lack of population in the area.

Mann also claims several islands off the coast of Korpesh, including Vittish Island, and the larger Isle of Tears further out to sea.

Notable Manns include:
Lord Riché Mann The Duke and Lord Admiral
Daleena Mann The Duke’s middle daughter. Married to Paul-Henri.
Paul-Henri Mann The High Court representative for Mann. Married to Daleena. Does not see eye to eye with the Duke about the future of the family.
Pierre Mann A young hot-head, good with the blade. Member of the Noble Musters
Celine Mann A pretty young Mann

Mann family colors are red and gold. The Mann family crest is a ship with billowed sails, the sun rising behind it.


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