Directed by Lord Markov Kalb, the Duchy of Kalb sits in the center of Korpesh, and is the area in which the capital city, Valenci, sits. This makes Kalb one of the most influential of the Noble houses. A regular at court, Duke Kalb serves as the de facto speaker for the conservative, reactionary Nobles. Kalb is the richest of the Noble houses, a position it has held for years, despite the coastal province of Mann closing in on it in recent years.

Kalb’s primary export is grains, vegetables, and other agricultural products, as the flat plains it encompasses are full of rich soil, especially along the Vankest and Avanei rivers. The great Sarlosin Swamp at the mouth of the Avanei River also produces both peat, shipped upriver to heat the homes of the chilly Zeitgast Duchy, and the foul smelling, but highly sought after Sarlosin Gas, which is used to keep Korpesh’s few airships aloft. Kalb’s primary economic power, however, comes from the fact that both major waterways in Korpesh, the Avanei and Vankest rivers flow through its province.

Notable Kalbs include
Lord Markov Kalb The Duke
Ivan Kalb Duke Kalb’s eldest, the (former?) heir. Currently missing, black-bagged by the King.
Fyodor Kalb The Duke’s middle son. A sadistic bastard. Currently missing, black-bagged by the King.
Alexei Kalb A cousin with ties to the underworld. Suffering from Takara’s Virus, one of the earliest infect by the Skin Thieves poison.
Byron Kalb A former merchant prodigy, gone rogue.
Leo Kalb A political up and comer, known to be publicly favored by the Duke. Rumored to be the new Heir.
Raisa Kalb A minor Kalb who has recently left the city for point very far south
Vasily Kalb The Duke’s youngest. Has been kept out of the city since his return from being Black-bagged by the King. Has always been sickly, but rumored to have taken a turn for the worse recently.
Piotr Kalb- A minor family member, but the steward of the Duke’s household
Leonid “Nid” Kalb – A huge man, former member of the Noble Muster who has been invited/pressed into service in the Gold Cloaks. He is not the sharpest stick in the forest, but is less dumb than most of the family believe. Very loyal.

Kalb family colors are black and purple. Their family crest is the black double-headed eagle.


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