Tag: Ssama


  • Aeowyn

    Aeowyn is a drop-dead gorgeous elven serving slave in the Ssama Entertainment League performance house known as "The Big House". Though she is technically a slave (which is also technically illegal in Korpesh), the only sign of that is her collar, and …

  • Harrik

    Harrik is so short and squat (he stands under 5 feet tall) that most folks assume he is a dwarf rather than the human he is. He has a tendency to scowl when not speaking to anyone directly, but has a silver tongue that any courtier would envy. Most of …

  • Lydia

    A clever and ambitious human prostitute that works the Otik and Government Districts. She is not quite well-connected or established enough to get her on place and become a madame yet, but she doesn't seem far off.

  • Bastion

    he's a rakasta, fairly famous, and violent. What more could you want? (note- Bryce had to drop, but Bastion is still around as an NPC)

  • Edmund

    Edmund in an elf that is either drunk off his ass or pretending to be most of the time. He works security for Ssama and still has a job, so the drinking doesn't seem to hamper him too much. He is knowledgeable, but is more interested in the practical side …