The execution

of a plan

Well, we did all the preparation we could, got everything into place, and then there was the waiting. We had some visitors to pass the time, which was nice. Alexei dropped in from a dream for a visit with Leo. He seemed in good spirits. We got to speak to Elysse who apparently got diverted here on her way to commune with Calliech. She had some interesting things to say, and it was good to see her. We also spoke to the Arbiter and the small ones who are somehow related to the arbiter? They had some business with Varys that they wished to conclude while there was still time. Perhaps in more than one sense. Cinnamon returned from within the tree within, and it was time to act. It was at this point that the Builder decided to make his appearance. He was going to do something, but not before I was able to activate the device.

He was however able to somehow interpose himself between the device and it’s target, in an attempt to batten on the power of the void and become a God. It was at this point that Angela and her army of broken toys attacked. We managed to intervene and remove the Builder’s hands from the tree whereupon Angela’s blows began to make some headway. Meanwhile, the DOLLMAKER had been cutting her way through the constructs, misfit and non towards our scene.



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