Insatiable Hunger

Why did I come here? I don’t belong with these people, fighting this fight. I’m useless. Sure, I sing a good song, play a good tune, and can help make people feel a little better, a little wiser, a little less afraid, but really I’m freaking useless! Hell, when I didn’t know what else to do, I ran! I never even thought to check on Lady C. Maybe if I had done so instead of running, she we could have had a chance. She’s fighting. She doesn’t even know time is passing. But her body wont last, I know! Dammit! Fuck this! We can’t even kill the 99.9% dead dragon, and one of ours is in the damn tree, and I don’t even know what else can go wrong. Oh, right, little girl. Ugh. Coward. That’s what I am. And weak. I couldn’t stave off the hunger. I remember eating… oh gross! I’m going to go puke now.



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