Byron's View(s)?: The Final Battle?

With a flash of green we found ourselves transported to the place of the Eater once more. Above us, the rip into the Void, surrounding us columns of differing substances representing… something… From the void would fall small creatures that would then rush to attack the large group of wizards who were also present. (Everyone loves a party) The Eater had leaped off of one of the towers and was very slowly flying through the air towards the void. I resolved to fix that problem. To that end I took off into the air, and at the same time Varys levitated the others towards our foe.

We got in a fairly successful first attack against him, but he was still on an upward trajectory, we just had to

survive the fight a little longer. We’d been holding off the voidlings from the Eater’s corpse and Macha was stuck in the hole, but if the sword were removed from the corpse then all would be lost. Just a little

longer. We’d been in the square all day fighting the godsforsaken Eater and now that it looked like we were about to get the upper hand the Wizards show up. I managed to grapple with our foe to prevent him from taking out the rest of us, so that Leo could get into position

to finish installing the Builder in his rightful place as a god. Having defeated the Eater things became desperate very quickly and we formed a Community with the Builder and followed through with placing the Builder in the crack to the Void. Alice started ranting about how all of this was Wrong, and now that I began to think about it this did seem a little like something we wouldn’t do. It seemed more likely that we should be

fighting the Eater above the arena, where Leo managed to tie a rope around the spine of our enemy, and I gave it a mighty heave, pulling him out of his trajectory so that he wouldn’t be able to make it to the void without climbing back up the tower. Suddenly I was simultaneously fighting him in the square, wrestling him and keeping his head out of line with the others so that he could not breathe his weapon on them as well as pulling him down.

able to take care of the Eater(just) and so we fled back down the well that he came from as we saw THE DOLLMAKER laying waste to the wizards on the field of battle. Our respite didn’t last long, as the little girl turned up in our hiding place in a remarkably short time. She had apparently been officially graduated by Macha, and was there to kill us. We managed to stay her hand by some card trickery involving a game of blackjack, which she did not know the rules for. We did get some helpful information that should help us in our efforts

With Macha mostly through the hole and Devlin at her side it didn’t really matter anymore what happened with the sword, so we abandoned that position, and left it to the Voidlings while the gods contended with each other above. Gelt’s referee avatar/aspect was hanging around waiting to give us the lemonade and cake that we were due for winning the duel, and since there wasn’t much left for us to do, we decided we might as well partake

with Virginia’s help the installation of the Builder was going quite smoothly. We were talking to the dollmaker, who was now the avatar of slavery and asking her about our current state of being where we seemed to be slipping between versions of things. She gave us some quite useful info but we weren’t completely sure how to put it to use when

we noticed that while we were getting the upper hand on the Eater above, below the Wizards were handily mopping up the Voidlings and would soon be turning their attentions to what was going on up here. And they likely would not be, strictly speaking, an ally to us.



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