Byron's View: The Builder's Origin?

Having escaped the void, we found ourselves in a familiar alleyway. We were in the Government District, though things were not quite right. it was night, and it was clearly quite some time ago. A memory, then. We approached the only lit building (also the only one which seemed to have any real substance to it.) Upon entering who should we find, but a much younger version of the Builder dressed in his seer’s robes. Varus immediately joined him in conversation. The rest of us took the opportunity to look around. This house was clearly a place that had suffered from bad fortune. Cinnamon, Leo and Alice decided to explore the basement while I continued to look around the upstairs and Varus questioned the builder in the alley.

There was then a commotion from below, so I went to investigate, and found the three of them fighting each other. I tried my best to keep the damage to a minimum and was somewhat successful. It seems that this basement was an earlier iteration of the Dollmaker’s training ground. she was making eyes, and had apparently come across a powerful magical eye to study somehow that caused this whole hullabaloo. I crushed it, and we returned to the ground floor where we studied the builder more closely. It was here that we determined that this was the place that the builder became The Builder, as a tiny sliver of Macha was implanted into him.

We allowed the memory of the Builder to go on his way, and I determined a way out. Simply enter the Cafe at the end of the alley, close the door and then exit to where it took us.



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