Byron's View: A History Lesson?

Or, Two strange reunions.

Having exited my ersatz Cafe, we found ourselves once again in the government district. Again in the past, but this time during Hator’s reign. During the troubles. It was all anyone around us was talking about. The tenor of it didn’t seem to match what we remembered of our history lessons , things were worse even than we had been taught. We set off through the district and saw there was something wrong with the Palace district wall. There were bodies hanging from it. Mostly subhumans, but some demihumans as well. This didn’t fit at all. None of Hator’s orders had ever really been carried out, as far as anyone could remember.

Something was walking along the wall, and behind its passage the wall was unmarked by any of the horrors of the area we have found. We wisely decide to approach the entity. The entity apparently a godling usually assumed to be a servant of Eiram, but who is actually a leftover godling of Takara who is responsible for keeping the laws of reality in order. This is a memory of a shard of an event that didn’t happen and it was here correcting the error when the memory shard was made.

It seems that Hator made a loop in his lifeline, which is against the rules so it was here fixing it as best it could. It wouldn’t offer help to any of us who were affiliated with a deity, but Terabeth’ei is not, so we moved away and he talked to her.

We then decided to find the soul bits of the Eater that might be here, which required combining the two bits we had already. They led us to a surprising reunion with my second. It turned out that he had defeated the piece of the Eater in this shard. We then discussed how to find our way out and he suggested going somewhere no one in the construct would have seen, so we suggested the Fosukubuzu compound. It turns out that that was not the case. We entered the compound, and after making it through the outer doors found ourselves in a kind of records room. In this room we found a construct that was clearly made by the Builder. It seems we didn’t get so far away from him after all.



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