Leo Kalb

feckless scion of House Kalb


Leo is 16 years old, the younger son of an offshoot of the Kalb family. He went to a school run by priests of Zekan for much of his childhood, and subsequently became a follower of Marius, although he’s also fond of Marius’ lover Demias and daughter Jinen. Leo’s immediate family lives in the Jeris District and bases their trade out of the waterfront Balsam District. He’s disinterested in the family business, but doesn’t have any viable alternate plan yet. It had always been assumed that his elder brother would take over the business, but something strange happened to him a few years ago, and he hasn’t been the same since. Leo has been rebellious against stuffy elders of the Kalb clan from a young age, and isn’t thrilled with the prospect of having to settle down to the shackles of monotonous responsibility. Right now he’s delighted to be part of the Noble Musters, even though he’s fairly young to have been admitted. His older cousin Alexei Kalb is also in the muster. Alexei, while laid-back, is both more responsible than Leo and more experienced at covering his tracks. Leo’s parents (benignly unaware of the track-covering) hope that Alexei will be a positive influence on him. Other folks Leo knows in the muster are Pierre Mann, Will Carborn, and Leo’s childhood friend Anton Carborn.

Leo is old enough now to get into more serious trouble than he’s encountered previously, slipping a bit too far into the thrall of the Ssama Entertainment League and their offerings in the redlight Otik District. Although, Marius’ holy brewery is also in the Otik District, and that’s always good clean fun.

Speaking of the Otik District, Leo’s gone wenching with friends from the muster, but hasn’t figured out yet how to effectively woo attractive female peers. There was a bit of trouble recently at a party where an intended compliment to young Celine Mann was overheard by her elder brother Pierre Mann. Leo also has a starry-eyed crush on Lady Oleana Zeitgast. He first first met her at a Kalb party, but later got to go to one of her week-long parties, which he remembers hazily but fondly.

Other notes: Leo enjoys music with intricate harmonies. He has a healthy appetite and a notable fondness for pork products. He’s a good-hearted fellow, but young, irresponsible and impulsive.



Demihumans – okay, thinks family is too uptight
Subhumans – charitable, but unconsciously prejudiced.

Manns – Kalb’s closest allies & closest rivals. Have been closing in on the Kalbs in terms of money for several years. Primarily shipping.

Carbournes – Also allies, but less closely so, much less wealthy than Kalbs & Manns. Tend to be viewed as “rustic nobles, whatwhat”, at least they have their head in the right spot.

Fla – Everybody likes because they’re far away/hard to get to, until they don’t like them… they’re so easy to gossip about. Rumor of choice is that they have dwarven blood tainting their human purity. Sort of out of sight out of mind. Politically liberal

Zeitgest – as a family they’re politically conservative (trying to stop monarchial power) but like to have wild parties, esp. new Duchess Lady Oleana Zeitgast (mid-late 20s) – met her at Kalb party, got to go to one of her parties. Duchy is a profitable wasteland – they harvest peat from the swamp.

Westerland – family is a bunch of jumped-up commoners. 120ish years ago King conquored western wastes assimilating orc tribes, then swept up to cathec mountains. Minor noble family was promoted to Ducal seat, charged with guarding against humanoids.

Deston – duchy where Korpesh was founded (barbarians swept down out of hills) Duke is a crazy barbarian now – used to pretend to be respectful but isn’t respectful now.

Leo Kalb

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