A Strange Construct and Steadfast Ally


Despite being not human (or even technically alive) Jinko rapidly became a friend and ally after you met him shortly before going to see The Builder, who is apparently his ‘father’ and creator. Jinko has expressed a dislike bordering on hate for the years of abuse he suffered after the Builder abandoned him and moved on. When his attempt to kill his ‘father’ failed, he joined the party while he weighed his options on what to do next.

Unfortunately, a fight with one of the many Sin Beasts that a Wizard was summoning to destroy the heroes left his elemental spirit damaged and resulted in him being utterly unable to recognize or interact with the outside world. A slim hope of restoration exists, in the form of Andrea, who has offered to try to fix him in secret, apparently out of some loyalty that exists between the broken creations the Builder frequently leaves in his wake. It remains to be seen if she has the skills to recover him…

Andrea managed to revive Jinko, with the help of Varus summoning water elemental.
Jinko’s elemental spirit is apparently an elemental prince of some sort, and commanded the lesser elemental give their life for it. Once three had sacrificed themselves, Jinko woke up. He seems back to normal, though he has complained about feeling ‘heavy’.

Jinko followed the group into Lady Zeitgast’s party, and just found his way back to everyone. Hopefully he can provide some support as you all attempt to take on the Balanced Scale.

Jinko’s elemental was fed again, with help from Varus. the feeding this time was less…elegant. The Prince of Waters (as it calls itself) did not ask, it simply devoured. During the course of the conversation that followed, it revealed that it and Jinko were ‘Bound’ together. It expressed displeasure at this and referenced, in a oblique way, a desire at revenge against the Builder. When asked if it minded being stuck in Jinko it became even more vague, speaking of Jinko as a ‘inlet that bound only a small portion of the sea.’

It has also been noticed that since his near destruction and ‘reboot’, Jinko has undergone a bit of a personality shift. He is less dour, less serious, and far, far more flippant. As Cinnamon puts it he is sassy. You have no information as to why this is as of yet

Mysteries abound!


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