Strange warrior who calls the Golan Monestary home


A short man with deep olive skin and pupil-less amber-yellow eyes. His head is entirely bald, except for a long black braid emerging from the base of his skull. He wears leather armor, with a scimitar at one side and a large brace of daggers at the other. Despite appearing like a young man, Ivraham has an aura around him that hints at a much greater age.

He moves with a fluid grace that speaks of combat training and a almost supernatural aura of confidence follows him.

Ivraham said he comes from the Northern Polar Desert, from a people called the Xeph. he also mentioned that the Xeph do not last long away from their home, and that he has only 3 or so years to live here in Korpesh.

While he professes to be only a simple warrior, he seems to know a great deal about the divine and the supernatural happenings of Valenci, including what he calls ‘nightmares’, creatures that are breaking into Seken from ‘elsewhere’ and causing havoc. He apparently hunts them, considering it his divinely appointed mission. Because of this, he has agreed to help you against the Cult of the Burning Star and their pet Smoke Haunt.

Since the destruction of the Cult, you have not seen much of Ivraham, but he has apparently been running himself ragged helping out with the problems in the city, especially in and around the Capiss District, where the Golan Monastery is located.

Ivraham aided you in the most recent Wizard attack, aiding Jinko in taking down one of the larger creatures that was being summoned. Since then he has not been well. He is haggard and much skinnier than he has been in the past.

On a wonderfully awkward side-note, Byron recently confessed Cinnamon’s love for Ivraham to him. His response was as inscrutable as every else he does…

Ivraham was ambushed by the False Cinnamon, and seems to be reduced somehow, as his eyes no longer glow gold. He was not certain what the long-term effects would be, and spoke of trying to find a Holy Women of his people to aid him.

He also mentioned that he believes his time as the Defender of the city is coming to an end, as the ‘creature shifting in the dark of the cave’, as he referred to whatever intelligence is lurking in the Astral, is changing tactics, and the defense of the city calls for someone able to protect it from a siege, rather than a hunter.

It has only been a few days since you last saw Ivraham, but he is not doing well. He still moves with raw lithe power, but his uncanny grace and self-assurance is gone. He looks haggard and as though he has aged at least 5 years.

Apparently the awkwardness between Ivraham and Cinnamon was due to a cultural misunderstand (in addition to the general lack of social skills). They are now a couple (or whatever the Xeph translation is…) awww….

Good news on the Ivraham front! His eyes have returned to their usual warm glow, and he once again moves with the predatory and preternatural grace he had when you first met him. His struggle with the ailment that has nagged him since False Cinnamon nearly killed him seems to finally be at an end.

Varus questioned Ivraham about his strange abilities, asking if they were magic, and inquired about his eyes. Ivraham responded that he was Xeph, and that all Xeph have these eyes, since the time of the death of Ramliya (as relayed in the story The Xeph, the Sand Runners and the Death of Ramliya). He said his abilities were not magic, but rather powered by his own soul, and the strength of his people. When asked if this was a secret, he responded that Aisling knew of their way, but rejected it. He also said he was not here to teach, and that the Xeph had little interest in spreading their teachings, as it was a path that an individual must choose. He indicated if he were seeking students, he would likely not be tolerated in Valenci.

Apparently, Ivraham’s ‘expiry date’ aware from home is not a physical one, but rather a mental one. All of the Xeph are psionics, and growing up in that community you are constantly reassured, always feeling the presence of other’s minds upon his own. Eventually, exiles snap and either go insane or, horrifically, become “hungry ghosts” that feed upon the minds of others. With the help of Varus’ magics and Cinnamon’s burgeoning psychic connection with Ivraham, you were able to give him at least a glimpse of what he was missing. Hopefully, this will help.

Chip’s purpose on Seken (at least in his guise as Chip) was to watch Ivraham, to witness the results of some choice he was going to make.

The choice has been made, though the outcome is not know yet. Ivraham has cut off his queue (giving it to Cinnamon in a echo of the gift of hair she gave him once), and retreated to seclusion to attempt to, in Cinnamon’s words, “become more.”



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