Byron Kalb

A male sorcerer and follower of Gelt


Older brother of Leo Kalb, and Raisa Kalb once considered to be the heir to the family business, he was raised to be just that. He attended all the best schools, associated with all the best families, and attended the best parties. A decent merchant, and savvy trader until one interesting day in the not too distant past. While investigating an interesting find brought to him by some ‘employees’ he disappeared for six months. When he returned he was changed from the sober, responsible merchant he had been into a more distracted and unpredictable sorcerous type.

Accompanying this were some physical changes as well. His formerly raven black hair now sometimes has a streak of white which seems to appear or disappear from hour to hour, and his irises seem to now be made up of ever shifting assortments of stained glass shards. When asked about the missing six months he either spins a wild tale about the southern blight, or mumbles something about shifting spaces and inconstant time.

Demihumans – Interesting, people are strangely unnerved by them. He used to feel similarly. Now, his attitude is much more liberal.

Subhumans – Fascinating. Their characters are not informed by their forms. The influence of chaos in the world is thrust into the faces of the average person via there mere presence. This might explain most peoples discomfort.

Byron Kalb

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