A Short, wiry, woman, in her mid-20s with an angular face. Some may consider her pretty at times, but she is otherwise unremarkable in appearance. Or at least she was until she turned purple.


When she was 16 Alice met a traveling magician name Mikel. She was fascinated by his tricks and illusions, and pretty face. She didn’t hesitate when he took her to bed. He wasn’t her first lover. She had been with two others before. But he was more skilled. When he was ready to travel on, he told her she could go off with him, be his assistant, and learn from him. There was no love between them, just lust and a strong friendship. She left in the night with him, changed her hair, and her name She soon found out that he wasn’t just a street magician. He had “friends”. Ties to a darker, seedier world then she knew existed. He used those ties to help nobles find “entertainment” in ways they normally would not have access to. She assisted him in both ventures.

He taught her everything she was willing to learn, and she wanted to learn it all. She thirsted for knowledge, not just of his craft, but of the world. Language, religion, politics, acting, singing, dancing. It was all important to her.

Eventually, she and Mikel decided to part ways. She was 19, and had learned much from him. They had been lovers for years, although not exclusively. The parting was amicable, and no tears were shed. She continued traveling, not liking to stay in one place for very long. She spent several years, performing, and procuring entertainment for the nobles. It didn’t bother her that they looked down on her, even when they, themselves, were slumming. All she wanted was the freedom to do what she wanted, and now that she has it, she isn’t giving it up without a fight.


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