Cinnamon's Journal: Fuck Wizards

That was one of the more hellacious fights I’ve been involved in. Of course, I spent most of it wrestling on the ground with Paulus the Wizard-Puppet, kidney-punching him and kicking him in the teeth in the attempt to keep him from casting any spells, which mostly worked – mostly.

But I’m ahead of myself. The group managed to grab a bunch of Hoskins mercenaries who had in interest in trying to get their compatriots back. Then Grillyth made an impromptu appearance – boy was I glad to see him. Had I known I would have brought more beer. Hoskins created a distraction on one side of the mansion, while Leo handled the (trapped) side door. We scrapped with the guards a bit, and then just decide to grab the currently slack-jawed Paulus. Varus summons a…monkey?…to get him out of there, Leo bagged and bound him, and we dragged him out to Lady C., who we discover is SPEWING blood. Turns out being pinned, gagged and blindfolded only impacts your spell casting ability so much, so I kicked him in the teeth to try to keep him from talking. Maybe too hard. Paulus passes out, and I go back in for Ivraham.

Meanwhile, Byron is chewing on his stick and riding his minotaur-goat steed, Alice is…invisible? And Grillyth is having the time of his life.

But ultimately we get out, and it’s time to head for the Temple of Aisling. And hope we don’t end up in jail for beating the ever living crap out of a leading Jester candidate.

In conclusion: fuck wizards.



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