Disrupting the hunt.

I am sometimes amazed at our ability to find trouble. We decided we needed to prevent the Devlin influenced mercenaries from doing whatever they were doing by ourselves. Without help. So, we decided to “sneak” through the fens in a not very sneaky way, because we’re terrible at it.

Someone was able to figure something out about their strategy, that they were hunting something, much like a fox hunt on the estate. with a line, and beaters and so forth. when we got close I called on Gelt for assistance and it seemed at first that nothing had happened, and then it was clear that something was in front of their line. something terrible in its destructive beauty. It would reduce things that got too close to their component parts somehow transmuting them to primal essences. It destroyed their line briefly, and slowed them, perhaps giving the quarry a chance.

Alice used this distraction to move ahead of the line, and in the process accidentally attracted the devourer, but managed to escape. again delaying the pursuers. We made it to sight of the main force who was trying to destroy our liaison with Har-Tam. We did what we could to aid her, and fled. In the confusion we lost Alice. I swore that I had the feeling that she was taken by the devouring aspect of Gelt, and I plead with Him to spare her,so that she might do more to free those who need it in the future as she just had here.

We exited the wood, and were greeted by Mastiffs massed, waiting. Alice burst out of the woods! I was most pleased to see her, praise be to Gelt! But she was persued by the minions of Devlin, it seems.



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