Dancing, Dancing,

The Mastiffs took care of the Devlin mercenaries that followed Alice.

Curiously, the Avatar? of Har-Tam was sitting by the edge of the bridge waiting for us. Leo went to talk to her and the rest of us greeted Jinko, who was also waiting on the bridge. The avatar apparently told Leo that one piece of the builders soul which was stored somewhere we were familiar with would be coming very soon. It was then we began to faintly hear music. dancing figures vaguely visible in the trees. The center of their dance then emerged. It was her. Analisse. From below. Only now, not only she could hear the music. And she had a piece of the builder’s soul. Her song was very compelling, and it was twisting things. In a bad way. We tried to talk her out of going anywhere, but she seemed determined. so I called to Varys and told him to deafen her in the wild hope it would work to stop the dance. She dropped like a puppet with cut strings.

We had Jenko take her to the temple of Caillech as fast as he could to get her out of the way. We started to proceed there and were intercepted by Nergal. We had an interesting discussion about the relationship between them and how Annalise was the one through which the voice spoke that told the skin changers how to become and what to do. And how the one who hurts had tried to infect her. And how He had done something about it. We all eventually made our way to the temple where there was much arguing.

I may have to attempt the stupid thing.
I don’t want to, but I can’t ask anyone else to do it. Even if I succeed without becoming one of the Yearning, I will have crossed some line beyond which there is no return.
I must be certain that it is necessary.



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