Byron's View: Chip Speaks

Or, The Tiniest Godling

After returning to the city to find a pillar of green flame standing in my home district, we of course proceeded to the Big House. After a calming drink and some discussion, a number of us decided to go to speak to the Banded Eagles about the probable source of the attack on the place and warn them of the builder’s true abilities. I certainly hope they take it with some seriousness. I am not at all sanguine about what might happen if the Builder becomes fully invested in that place. While there we ran into a former colleague of Alice’s and he seemed to have some interesting insights into the nature of the Spot that had been there before, and some unique abilities of analysis. We brought him back to the apartments where he performed an elaborate ritual upon a sample of the Tar that Varys still had, and he was able to determine that it was devine, and of the same nature as the Spot, though that nature is not “knowable” he claims it is much like Calliech. We sent him on his way with more of the tar and an admonition to be extremely careful with the stuff, and to report his findings. I suspect we will have to seek him out. We had a very surprising meeting the next day with our erstwhile assassins, the Shadowed Hand. Alice seems to be considering their tutelage. We’ll have to keep an eye on her. On our return Varys decided that examining Chip was very important, and after the long discussion engendered by this decision, we determined that Chip was part God, and Cinnamon accepted her destinyless destiny, and acknowledged that she was responsible for her fate. Upon this Chip spoke up “About damn time.”



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