Byron's View: A Snowstorm and Tea

After returning from our very interesting dinner with the Builder, we had a quiet night at my apartments. The morning came with a nice breakfast, interrupted by a messenger who had a flyer with a strange message about cotton balls on sale at the closed apothecary’s shop. Most intriguing I thought. We were then visited by Jacob, our old Goldcloak friend. Sadly, it was a business visit. He was there because of the whole thing with the King being controlled by the builder, and possibly someone else, at least according to the vision of our local Mann noble priest. But, I distract myself.

We had a long talk with our KingsGuard friend and brought him up to date on all of our machinations and maneuverings. He did the same. They really haven’t been as busy as we have. For shame.

Then we left for the Apothecary to buy some cotton balls —on sale! Lady C. was there, and was somewhat confused about the flier, and why it hadn’t been the messenger she sent that brought us there. She and her wizard fighting organization want us to do what we are doing already or something like that, I kind of drifted in the middle there, though we did have an interesting conversation about how her Alchemy thing works.

It was at about this point that Sighing Winter decided she would like another try at Raisa, and so we were interrupted. Raisa, Cinnamon, and Leo took to the rooftops, and Varys chased after them along the streets in the blinding snow. I, realizing that I would merely fall off of something and slow them down decided to stay for tea with the lovely Lady C. Once they left the area and the tremendous snowstorm died away, we repared to my apartments for a more congenial setting, and had a lovely light lunch.

Apparently, they defeated Sighing Winter through the direct intervention of Ahklut, and it turns out that Raisa is the High Priestess of Akhlut. Not just locally, which would have made sense, but globally. How strange. She’s going to attempt to journey to the Southern Polar region to be close to her God now. I can only imagine what Mother and Father’s reaction will be. Varys has prophecied that she will arrive there safely, apparently, though who knows how much that can be trusted.



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