A Short History of Two Kalbs, A Bard, and a Concerned Prostitute: Part 13

Concerned readers may have noticed that this Short History has been revised to Two Kalbs. Never fear good readers- a new member has unofficially joined us. Her name is Alice. What do we know about Alice?

Well, she is…

  • A singer.
  • Very good at disguises.
  • Has told us very little about herself (I know, I know).
  • Has several mind-influencing magics.
  • Is competent.

I think the last is the most noteworthy.

After sleeping for a good dozen hours, we made our way to Herrick. It was busy that day, but between mouthfuls of ice cream and morning coffee, I gave my companions a chance to ask any questions they liked. Now, if you have been reading this from the start, you know that the Church wanted me to find the one unbound by Fate. Punchline to come!

The matter with the Manns is a bit more complex. I don’t entirely understand what happened, but there is some bad blood between the Kalbs and Manns. My Lord asked me to help mend those bridges (which I’ve been doing a piss poor job).

However, we did clear the air a bit and they even were interested in letting me look at them with Aisling’s eyes. Cinnamon was a very strange shadow play of her (more than one?) fighting on a hilltop. Many attackers were swarming over her before a giant wave washed them all away…

My second attempt brought forth an avatar of Aisling. Suffice to say we were reasonably flabbergasted by the exchange. At least we found out that Byron’s stick was unbound by fate. Still cursing myself as a idiot for not asking all those questions we really wanted to know.

At least we got put on the right path to find the Wizard’s construct. It led us to a bar out in the city. Our new friend Alice showcased her ability to smooth talk and drink lots of Fire Whiskey. We were certainly amazed at her ability to charm these people.

Well, we found the wizards home and began planning a way to get to him. Something tells me this is going to be harder said then done…



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