Here is the Seken campaign website

This campaign is centered around Valenci, the capital city of the empire of Korpesh. This is primarily an urban campaign, and PCs are far more likely to be questioning beggars on the actions of a pawn shop owner than going on a dungeon crawl. It is also a relatively gritty campaign, so don’t expect the characters to get their way or be the most influential things around just because they are PCs.

The game explores themes of corruption, bigotry, the price (and benefits) of power, difficult choices and their consequences, destiny v. free will, and general squalidness.
I do run the game with both humor and more than a little horror overtone, and ask that PCs be responsive to me in terms of letting me know where your characters head space is, so that I can accurately and creatively screw with it. There is a decent amount of fighting in the game, but the focus is on the RP and events in the world.

at some point I will write up some sort of teaser/blurb thing and it will go here.

As a final note, I have used art from a number of sources across the web to help round out the world and aid in immersion. I do not own the rights to these, and can take no credit for creating them! They belong completely to the fabulous artists that slaved away to bring them into being.


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