Valenci Organizations

Non-Guild, non-gang groups of note

Entertainment Organization

  • The Non-Aligned Performers Association – A loose affiliation of performers of all stripes, they run various playhouse, concert venues and other performance halls throughout the city, as well as a school for talented amateurs.
  • The Mayagami Society – Another performer’s organization, the Society caters to the elite (both Noble and Guild), with performances of Opera, elaborate illusionary shows and kabuki theater.
  • Ssama Entertainment League – Ssama runs a wide range of entertainment, and probably belongs under the shady organizations header as well. Everything from bawdy humor and peep shows to undergound arena fights (both animal and, for real VIPs, humanoid) fall under their widespread interest. Very influential, and not lightly crossed. Rumored to be making a push into the Thieves Guild’s areas of interest.
  • The Tilters – A Nobles-only jousting and mock-combat organization. Popular among the lower-classes because of the flamboyant characters and vicious grudge-matches members of different houses engage in
  • Adreaneko – The street-performer’s ‘guild’, made up of those without the skill or drive to make it into one of the larger/more respectable groups. Named after its founder and nominal leader.

Upstanding Organization

Shady Organizations

  • The Thieves Guild – Kinda self explanatory, dont you think? more details coming.
  • The Beggar’s Palace – a rumored organization of the beggars, cut purses, and other low-lifes of Valenci.
  • NonHuman Revolutionary League – A group of sub and demihuman anarchists dedicated to bringing down Korpesh’s government and righting inequality. Fairly disorganized.
  • The Razers – according to urban legend, a group of malicious well-to-do citizens responsible for the sporadic fires that blaze through the slums of Valenci with immense loss of life. Recently, Fyodor Kalb has been blamed as responsible for many of the works of the Razers.
  • The Shadowed Hand – 5 very highly skilled assassins, all shadowdancers. They are freelancers, though it is not widely known how to hire them.

Religious Groups

  • The Cult of the Sightless Wonder – A group dedicated to “the Sightless Wonder”, a being they claim is a newly ascended god, but whom most grudgingly acknowledge as a Godling, and that only recently. Claim to be seers who have ‘transcended the need for mortal sight’
  • The Cult of the Burning Star – An apocalyptic group, claims that Seken is doomed, and a judgement day of fire and death is just around the corner
  • The Sighing Winter – a nihlistic cult, popular among some of the disenfranchised, that preaches that true way to self enlightenment is through the abandonment of worldly cares. Led by a frozen figure known also known as Sighing Winter (or Mercy), likely a Godling, according so some sources
  • Golan Monastery – A huge, rambling building in the Capiss District populated by odd-balls and weirdos that follow Gijutsu, it is said to be the closest to a temple he has in all of Seken. Most residents of Valenci treat is as a madhouse, and will occasionally drop off mentally disturbed relatives they cannot or not longer wish to care for.
  • The Roving Party – The Roving Party was the recruiting wing of The Eternal Party. With the dissolution of that, the Roving party seems to have stopped operating.

Mercenary Companies
(there are many in Korpesh, these are ones with at least some presence in Valenci)

  • Saylen’s Corps – Saylen, an adventurer of some note in her youth, has organized several rag-tag organizations into a surprisingly effective combat force. they may not look pretty, but they get the job done. In town to recruit.
  • The Treos – a primarily Dwarven group, with several goblinoids working with them as well. specializes in siege warfare and tunnel-cleaning. Founded during the campaign against the orcish tunnles beneath the Western Wastes.
  • Aoka – Hobgolins are good at war. Good enough to get humans not only to hire them, but a sizable minority to agree to work for them.
  • The Banded Eagles – Mercenary group run by The Banded Castle, combines typical merc forces with combat mage support.
  • Barraka’s Company – Small, highly trained and self-sufficient units for ‘troubleshooting’. Local to Valenci.
  • Zaitano – Mostly demihumans. Focuses highly on blade-work and archery. Works for the Westerlyn’s frequently. Very professional, tactically savvy.

Sorcerous/Arcane Colleges

  • Hawthorne Academy – focused on transmutation and alchemy
  • Margove Tower – Primarily Divination and item creation, though higher-level students have quite varied interest.
  • The Banded Castle – Combat magic (inc. evocation, abjuration and support), tactics
  • Wooten House – ‘nonstandard application of magic’, home to several bard, expiramental casters and items, etc. Special focus on illusion and enchantment.
  • Marlton Academy – a relatively rigid, straight-forward approach to magic. No special emphasis, across the board focus
  • Ebelton College – Focused on magical beasts, including the conjuration and control of them. This control takes many varied forms, depending on the style preferred by the summoner. has an extensive zoo

Valenci Organizations

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