The Watchers

This faction is a bit of a mystery, even among the Divine. They seldom talk about their mission to other Deities, and even when they do it is seldom in great detail. They are, as the name implies, watching, waiting, and preparing for some future event. The subject of what they are preparing for is subject to intense debate, with everything from the return of Takara, to an invasion from ‘elsewhere’, to the birth of some sort of divine prophet-God. They are a powerful and well-respected faction, as they generally ignore Divine politics and are therefore allowed to operate without much interference from the Godsmen, but they make little effort to capitalize on this power. Caillech left The Godsmen shortly before the first exile of Takara and founded the Watchers. She said little to other Gods, aside from urging them to join her in “averting impending events”, which few did.

Given Caillechs recent proclamation branding Devlin and Macha as Voidwalkers, there is a debate about whether this is the event the Watchers have been waiting for or not. Their actions (or lack thereof) are being eagerly watched.

Members: Caillech, Uistean, Eirom, Gijutsu , a host of minor pseudo-Gods created by Gijutsu

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The Watchers

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