People of Note

Here is a quick listing of some of the folks you have run across in your adventures.
Feel free to propose any I have missed.

As time goes on this will probably be divided into a few different categories, but for now its just a list en masse:

  • Sue the Prostitute – A low-class lady of the…what time is it? Does business out of The Gin Joint
  • Four Coughs – A terminally ill member of the Sickers. Was willing to help you out for some pocket changes. Was fascinated by Raisa’s drawing.
  • Amiel – The Mysterious Meat on a Stick vendor, recently lost his daughter to the Cult of the Burning Star
  • Katja – A Coughing Up Cats enforcer that you have saved (twice)
  • Jimmy – A scarred and pierced goblin that serves as Papa’s gopher
  • The Skin Thieves – Horrific and mysterious creatures multiplying at an alarming rate. Possess the ability to inflict a rapidly spreading version of Takara’s Virus on it’s victims
  • Say’a’ath – Elf suffering from Takara’s Virus (she has scales and is slowly growing gils). Self-confident and well organized, quite possibly the driving force behind The Sickers
  • Flip – a young orc, stunted and small, with an over-sized head. Made one of the medals the Sickers gave to you. A very good pickpocket.
  • Chide – an ancient-looking gnome, and one of the Sickers you saved/beat the crap out of. Constantly nitpicks at others.
  • Isaac – a patient and the doorkeeper at the Golan Monastery. Seems to like muffins. And biscuits. Isaac seems to have visions of minor power, and he knows where people are within the Monastery without having to look. According to local legend, he has never let the wrong person in.
  • Cormian – an illusionary puppet master and Jester candidate for Mayagami. When he was going crazy Harrik ordered him killed, but has rescinded the order. Lost in the semi-finals of the Jester competition.
  • Peony – An elven beggar in the Otik district and member of the Beggar’s Palace
  • Edmund & Rebekah – Mages in Ssama’s employ. Edmund is an elf that plays at being drunk and dottering to hide his effectiveness, while Rebekah is a short, pink-haired gnome with a nasty attitude.
  • Nid – A Kalb cousin and member of the Noble Musters. Nid is massive for a human, carrying a maul as his primary weapon (which some party members have seen him use to literally flatten enemies). He is slow in thinking and speech, which causes most people to underestimate his intelligence. Frequently derogatorily referred to as “That Kalb” in family circles. He is now a member of the Gold Cloaks, but is in the custody of Duke Kalb
  • William – a Minotaur that works at the Big House, primarily as a bouncer.
  • ‘That Damn Elf’ – incredibly high hippy elf that serves as doorman for the Golden Eye. You have never bothered to ask his name.
  • Tessa – Priestess of Semias. She seems not entirely there, having conversations with people that were not there and referring to aspects of conversation with her you had not had yet.
  • Lenna Xarx – A quiet, precise member of the King’s secret guard. She has an almost uncanny memory for people of importance and the courtly greetings appropriate for their standing
  • Twitch – a tengu messenger. Man, when he gets bought, he stays bought… Lives up to name
  • Haketh – Lupin door guard at Ebelton College
  • Cohm – A red-tinged Risen at Caillech’s temple. Apparently represents Caillech’s vengeance, a rare things
  • Gerhart – A huge gnoll, some sort of high ranking functionary at Hoskin’s, but also knows his way around a fight. Needs spectacles to read.
  • Architect 53074311 (Virginia) – The slightly distractable and very enthusiastic Architect of Bemel, hired by the party to create a puzzle box for The Builder. She was killed and her head carved with a model of the Symbol from the Capstone, and sent to Byron by the Builder. She is apparently not dead, but is instead trapped in a crude Golem created by the Builder, he soul chained to her shoulder in the form of a small angry bone creature.
  • Harrik – a friendly Ssama pit boss, striving valiantly to keep Ssama forces organized
  • Alexei Kalb – a cousin with ties to the thieves guild. more aware of things than he lets on. Infected with a less potent version of the same poison Torvik is suffering from.
  • Anton Carborn – a friend of Leo and Alexei’s with ties to the thieves guild. eager to protect Leo. Lost much of himself in the Eternal Party
  • Yellow Eyes – Some sort of influential member of the Sickers. Delivered the information you paid Four Coughs for. Warned you off the Mann warehouse.
  • The Brothers Markov (Ivan and Fyodor)- The elder heirs are doing their best to make life difficult
  • Elysse – A flighty Necromancer that helped stop the ‘Death Emergency!’ Recently became Caillch’s newest Risen and helped drive away Kemotin during the attack.
  • Damon – a Priest of Uistean, geeky but knowledgeable about a wide range of subjects
  • Lydia – a Ssama prostitute. She witnessed the Cult of the Burning Star murder, and seems to have a good ear to the street
  • Ivraham- a strange inhuman warrior fighting a valiant (if somewhat mysterious) fight against the strange occurrences of the city
  • Lady “C” – Your mysterious employer. Snappy dresser, and doesn’t blink at dropping thousands of gold. She apparently works for The Golden Eye. An alchemist.
  • Jinko – One of the many constructs The Builder has developed over the years, came to Valenci to seek revenge for the abuse he suffered after his abandonment.
  • Nurgle – A massive Skin Thief, ogre sized. Able to use magic and wear multiple skins. Escaped by flying away on a pair of wings hidden underneath a skin. Accused you of working with “The One That Bring Pain”. Nurgle apparently felt the compulsion the Skin Thieves experienced stronger than all the others, and served as an organizing force.
  • “Pimply” – Or rather, the Skin Thief that has taken Pimply’s place and apparently absorbed some of his personality traits as well. He spoke of being driven to harm Harrik (for which he was really sorry) and has apparently mutated to not need a skin to wear anymore. Currently being held in the Big House.
  • Andrea – a beautiful but slightly off former hostess for The Builder.
  • Grllith – Massive drunken furball. Will kill things for beer. Eerily sneaky for something that large.
  • The Lifebringer – a gritty old sailor woman that serves as the priestess for the shrine of Amaya and Aneko in Balsam district.

Met in the Underbelly

  • Ray-ray – small even for a kobold, he is enthusiastic, quick to laugh, and a decent card sharp. His job is to set snares and traps in the various tunnels around outpost 47.
  • Stew – a ‘human’, beat viciously by the ugly stick. An asshole and a braggart, not well-liked.
  • Tuck – a quiet, shabby but well-groomed half orc. He carries a very battered lute slung across his back.
  • Runt – a mutated goblin (he has a third arm on one side) and firmly avowed coward. He is one of the scouts for the squad you’ve just met and is a bit hyper and, well, goblin-like.
  • Chew – a gnoll who is a foppish chef? …what? does make very good food, though. Seemed distraught when Cinnamon offered him a reference to the big house, and declined.
  • The Bug – a thri-kreen and the other scout for the squad. Doesn’t sleep and doesn’t quite get societal norms here. Very good at his job but very weird. Covered in beautiful etchings that he seems to take pride in. Interestingly, he does not wear the Banner that the rest of his squad wears.
  • Sgt Francis – the head of the squad of ‘Underwatch’ human soldiers who were sent to ensure you accomplish your mission. The loss of two of his squad seems to weigh heavily on him. Volunteered to remain a prisoner of Duke Kalb, rather than abandoned the tortured Gold Cloaks he was taking into custody.
  • Jacob – The only other soldier from the ‘Underwatch’ squad to emerge completely unscathed. He has volunteered to accompany you when Francis stayed with the tortured Gold Cloaks that Duke Kalb took into custody. Finally, finally got to go home to see his wife and kid.
  • The Collector of Souls – An Avatar of one aspect of Caillech. You met her (and her erstwhile companion Mr. Bunny) deep in the old Caillech temple in the slag, underneath the cities.
  • Annalisse – The dancing elf you met in the center of the blast crater, in the center of the Slag. You have no idea if she was fully alive, or exactly what was going on with her, only that she kept speaking of a ‘music’ that was now inside her, one she tried to warn other people away from.


  • Muriel – Wife and business partner of Less-Shady Bob. Snark seems to flow from this one… Was found dead, with some horrific thing wearing her skin and pretending to be her.
  • “The Seal” – Possibly an agent of Antellus, but likely not. A powerful magic user and kind of a smug asshole. Hired the frogman to mind-screw Katja. A Wizard! You cut him down and literally hacked him to pieces.
  • Arkady, Daniil and Faina – Unfortunate Kalb cousins, given the declined duty in Averton. At this point, you are fairly certain they died in the Averton conflagration.
  • Arashi’s Vanguard – a large and well-muscled orc that seems to have a hurricane that he travels at the center of. Came after Nona and was narrowly defeated in a vicious brawl.
  • ‘Paulus’ – or rather, the puppeteer controlling him. A powerful Wizard with a knack for using magic over vast distances. Likely on Kemotin. His puppet body was killed

People of Note

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