Other Countries

A list of some of the other nations in Seken. still in progress/more details about location to come

Major Countries

  • Vellucia – A major sea power, both Naval and trade. Located on a penninsula south of Korpesh
  • Antellus – Another of the great human empires. Korpesh’s major rivals, located to the WNW. Embraces an ‘Ivory Tower’ ideal.
  • Nehni – Another human empire, all subhumans are kept as slaves, and demihumans live as an oppressed underclass. Located across the sea from Korpesh, in a vast jungle
  • Garas – The only actively expansionistic of the human empires, this highly militaristic nation is also the youngest of the large powers. Rather than avoid the blasted zones Garas encompasses an entire one. Rumors that prisoners and slaves are sent to mine the rich mineral deposits in it’s outskirts until they inevitably die twisted in agony persist.
  • Korpesh – See Korpesh for detailed info

Minor Countries

  • Driscoll – A small farming nation
  • Makti – An island archipalago, was never really unified in anything other than name. Now embroiled in a civil war
  • Feruk – Located on the desert northern polar continent, clings to life because of the river
  • Metalin – Heavily forested. Dominated by elves, but also home to many halflings, some gnomes, and lupins. Very insular.
  • Beloit – Mountainous and rough terrain, peopled by a mix of dwarves and humans. Korpesh’s SW neighbor
  • Okinoso – A country populated primarily by humans and rakasta, but more accepting of other races than most human kingdoms.
  • Seberen – Located on the southern polar continent, eeks out a living in the freezing wastes, primarily due to its rich fishing ground.
  • Quar’tolas – a small but aggressive nation, founded by elves, but home to a wide range of humanoids dedicated to stopping human dominance and expansion
  • Camas – the majority of the country is swampland, which has resulted in a very inwardly focus as they strive to fight the lizardmen an troglodytes that call the swampland home.
  • Justian – a small rural country that prospers by growing and exporting smokeweed
  • Pai’loran – this elven nation/collection of tribes borders as close as habitation allows to the burning northern polar mountain, struggling to survive at the edge of it’s blasted zone. The tribal elves of this nation are often called the Sand Runners.


  • Rezon – A ‘freeport’, a stopover and resupply for pirates plying their trade against the Vellucian and Korpeshian ships. Located east of Korpesh.
  • Zirk – a small citystate bording the blasted zone to Korpesh’s south. Severe mutation due to its proximity to the blasted zones causes Zirk to be avoided by most.
  • The Free City of Iambus – Large for a city-state, they are famed for their gladiator arenas and training schools and immense gambling houses.
  • B’tak – An predominately orcish free city, existing in an almost perpetual state of anarchy
  • The Dread City (Y’tham) – This once proud city is now ruled a huge malicious dragon. The dragon has begun to rebuild the city since taking control, and is using it as a staging ground for her forces
  • Dahleg – a mobile tent city, a central meeting place for caravans and both civilized and tribal residents to come and find a deal.

Geographic areas/Tribal areas

  • Laika Wastes – a breeding ground for humanoid tribes, buffer between Antellus and Korpesh (West of Korpesh)
  • H’tuit – The name both for the vast plateau and the loose affiliation of tribes that reside on it.
  • Xerkon Mountains – home to a large number of goblinoid tribes forced here by Garas’ expansion
  • Waisken Moors – Vast mix of swampland and barren moors that is home to several humanoid and subhuman tribes.

Wizard’s Cities (Known)

  • Everell – the largest of the flying cities of the wizards, nearly the size of some of the smaller countries. tends to stay in the northern hemisphere
  • Ter Velanis – This is the least wide-ranging of the wizard’s flying cities. It tends to stay far out at sea, and is seldom seen over settled land.
  • Kemotin – This city stays mostly to the south and west of Seken and can most reliably be found floating over southern end of the Kathok Mountains. This is the closest wizard city to Korpesh, but only rarely launches raids that far north
  • Varius – The city that patrols the south and east of Seken. Frequently disapears for years between sighting.

Other Countries

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