Graveyard District

The Graveyard District is a sprawling sparsly inhabited district located across the river from the rest of Valenci. Signifigantly larger than any other district, it houses the boneyard and several private compounds as well as quite a few undeveloped areas/fields.

Places of Note:

  • Temple of Caillech – A large rambling structure located at the edge of the huge Graveyard that the district takes it’s name after. Most people avoid this place unless pressing business (like a death) lead them here.
  • The Graveyard – Also frequently called the Boneyard. An enormous graveyard maintained by the Necromancers of Caillech, though there is always too much work and not enough to go around. Undead are a sporadic problem, rare enough not to pose any real danger but common enough to keep most right-minded people out of the yard.
  • Vikon Convalescence Home – A poorly aged mansion and it’s surrounding grounds serve as a free convalescence home for the elderly and terminally-ill poor
  • Devlin Fort – Priests of Devlin maintain what is effectively a small, self-sufficient castle/fort. Many mercenary companies rent space here when in Valenci petitioning for work, as it house enough training facilities to keep most companies fighting fit. The fort itself was originally one of the several built to protect Valenci and the river, but has been extensively remodeled over the years.
  • Ebelton College – Focused on the study of magical beasts, Ebelton owns a large compound that serves as a zoo for theri many charges. Originally located in the Balsam District, Ebelton moved nearly 50 years ago, after some of their less friendly beasts escaped containment and ran amok in the riverfront.
  • Tilter’s Field – One of two such named fields in Valenci (the other being the public field in the Korpesh District), this field serves as the performance ground for the Tilters, a Nobles-only jousting and mock-combat organization. It occasionally serves a more serious function as a duelling grounds, though only for the non-noble duelists (as the others use the other Tilter’s field). The Field is set in the basin of a small hollow, and has seating built all around it. On fight days the place resembles a modern football stadium.
  • The Fuzoku Butsu Compound – The Fuzoku Butsu, the only group able to create magic items without side effects, operate out of this heavily-guarded compound. The Fuzoku Butsu value profit above all things except their privacy, which they take very seriously indeed. The security on this place is legendary, and more desperate thieves than one can easily count have lost their lives to the traps and highly-skilled guardsmen of the compound.
  • Yardem Hill – Commonly called Lover’s Peak, this is a popular park for lovers to meet in, to escape the crush of the city
  • Mesk Park – Not much more than a stand of trees, a couple of hills and a strange ravine (they arent overly common in the area), it has garnered the reputation of being haunted by all sorts of ghosts, monsters, and other beasties, and is generally avoided by the public.
  • The Moor – A open area of ground near the bridge to the rest of Valenci that has gained a bad-luck reputation after 4 separate fires and a freak storm destroyed the buildings here. Despite the prime spot, the land remains blackened and unused now, and is half-jokingly refereed to as “the Moor.” You now know that the Moor hides a large entrance to The Underbelly.

The Graveyard district is currently a warzone, with the Corrupted of Devlin holding the majority of the area, the Fuzoku Butso killing everything that comes near their compound, the combined forces of the Ducal houses and Korpesh Army holding the area around the Moor, the Wizards holding the northeast near the river, and the lone outpost of Caillech’s Temple holding out deep within the district.

Ebelton College and the Vikon Convalescence home have been destroyed. Devlin’s Castle has become a house of horrors.

Graveyard District

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