Government District

Home to most government buildings (inc. high court, guild council building, city watch central offices and jail, tax collectors, national archives, armed forces buildings, bureaucratic buildings) and the large market. There are a moderate number small outdoor amphitheaters and theaters (ranging from gazebos in a park to actual tiered seating, albeit only a few rows deep)

The district’s center is a large central plaza (which also serves as the market), and roads emerge radially from there.

places of note:

  • Aisling Temple – A fairly large temple. On the last day of every week the Seers have an open house of sorts, taking as many petitioners as they can fit in to a 4 hour window. The line to be heard often begins forming as soon as the doors close from the previous open house.
  • Aodan Shrine – Aodan’s priests run a small, beautiful shrine in the heart of the Government District. Its crystal roof, shining spires and ever-burning flame are another of the districts many tourist draws.
  • Eirom Temple/High Court of Korpesh and legal library – Eirom’s temple shares a building with the High Court of Korpesh in the heart of the Government District. Also in the building is a huge library adminstered by acolytes of Eirom, documentation of every single case ever heard in Korpesh’s history…if you can figure out the organization…
  • Faesus Temple – A huge columned building off the main plaza. It is filled with art of all types, and frequently serves as parton for local artists, keeping them on premise to create art in the temple itself. This temple is open to all comers.
  • Seran Shrine – Seran has a simple wooden temple in the Government District with an odd custom. The priests of the temple switch, in honor of Seran. Most of her worshipers are wanderers. When a new one arrives in town, they take over the shrine and the former priests wanders on down the road.
  • Uistean Temple/ The Scribers Guildhouse – a small plain building in the center of the Government District used to train it’s acolytes, but it is in charge of the administration of nearly every library, College and University in Valenci, Arcane or not.
  • Bemel Temple – Her temple is constantly crowded inside and out by tourists, and is legitimately one of the most awe-inspiring sights most mortals will ever witness. The huge building defies description, simply because it is a mind-boggling mix of constantly changing styles. One day there will be unbelievably delicate arches and spires, and a week later this will be torn down to replace with immense squat gothic towers. Aside from attracting visitors it serves as her school for architects in the city (the line between trained architect and member of her church is primarily defined by outsiders) and place of business for those with plans that can pique her interest and funds to ensure it gets built.
  • Ironmonger’s Guildhouse – A large, imposing building. It’s facade is constantly being tinkered with and updated. It’s bell-tower serves as an unofficial center point of the city, as it can be seen from nearly anywhere in the city. A buzzing center of commerce.
  • The Banker’s Guildhouse – A squat, heavily guarded building that also serves as the central vault for their organization.
  • Vellucia Embassy – This large plazzo is located near the edge of the Government and Otik districts. It is splendedly decorated and constantly hosting high society events of one kind or another. All this public access does lead cynics to suggest that no real business actually occurs here, though.
  • Antellus Embassy – This embassy is a veritable fortress, protected by high, thick walls and constant armed patrols. Vistors are subject to scruitiny, both mundane and magical. This is unsuprising, given the historic relationship between Antellus and Korpesh, and so does not cause much of a stir.
  • Beloit Embassy – A small building, especially compared to the embassies of it’s large neighbors, the Beloit Embassy is never the less quite a sight to see. A simple stone building and surrounding wall, it possesses near-flawless stone-crafting, leading many to believe it was crated from magic, rather than the diligance and hard work of human and dwarven masons.

Government District

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