The Duchy of Fla is the most isolated of all the Duchies in Korpesh, even more so than Westerlyn. Fla sits behind the wall of the Sanderlest Mountains, reachable only by sea (and even that is difficult, due to the howling winds that scream inland) or a precarious trek over the mountains an then down the Vankest Ladder to the Vankest River through the provinces of Kalb and Mann, finally meeting with the sea. This thin and precarious life-line is responsible for carrying most of the iron and precious metals that are Fla’s primary exports. The Ironmonger’s Guild has been moving slowly into Fla for years, despite its isolation, much to the irritation of the ruling family, and even most of the population. To this day, the Ironmonger’s suffer ‘accident’ in their Flavian facilities on a regular basis.

Legends place Fla as the place where Amaya and Aneko tried to come ashore to escape their father, Arashi. Amaya stepped out of the water onto the Sanderlest Mountains and turned to help her sister out, but Arashi woke at the sound, and arrived in time to drag Aneko back beneath the waves. Fla was created as Aneko grasped at the Sanderlest’s, trying to find a grip to haul herself out of the ocean. The howling, unceasing wind is thought to be proof of this, Arashi unleashing his anger at the spot that his wayward daughter escaped onto land.

The wind has led to a very unique style of architecture in Fla, as it’s residents learned long ago that right angles and stright walls only get worn away or knocked down by the wind. You can always tell which way the ocean is in Fla, as every builing is built with an angled breakwind running away from it, towards the sea.

Fla was actually once its own nation, composed, like Beloit to the southwest, primarily of humans and dwarves. Korpesh conquered Fla roughly 400 years ago, toward the end of their period of rapid expansion. Korpesh troops accomplished a pincher movement, with the majority of the army trekking over the Sanderlests, and the Navy committing daring landings along the coast to keep the Flavian forces off balance. The xenophobic Korpesh troops killed thousands of dwarves as they campaigned across Fla. The dwarf population, although somewhat recovered, remains far below its original numbers, even centuries later. Flavian hatred for Korpesh rule was intense and unceasing for years, and thousands of gold pieces were spent in an attempt to squash the simmering rebellion there. Eventually, time did was the Korpesh army could not, and the hatred they once held has faded to under-the-breath grumblings, with most of the open hostility having been transferred to the grudge with the Ironmonger’s.

Fla’s former Duke, Lord Hlar Fla, was murdered very recently. His daughter, Thiele, is expected to take the Ducal crown, though she has been too busy to officially undergo the transfer of power rites, which require return to Fla and literally take up the axe of rulership.

The Fla’s are generally well-liked and respected by the other Noble Houses, though their political enemies, most notably the Ironmonger’s have a tendency to bring up the old rumor that the Fla’s used to interbreed with dwarves whenever their battles heat up particularly viciously.

Flavian colors are flint grey and yellow accent. Their family crest is a blunted axe, a change from the axe-in-hand crest from Fla’s history as an independent nation.


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