Deities of Seken

Note: If you want to play a cleric and would like to know domains various deities offer, please email me privately. I would prefer players chose gods based on description, not powers offered, which is why they are not listed publicly.

Divine Factions

Major Deities

  • Aisling Goddess of Sight
  • Arashi God of Storms and the Angry Sea
  • Benjiro God of Peace
  • Caillech Goddess of Death and Magic
  • Gelt God of Chaos
  • Havel God of Earth and Agriculture
  • Takara God of Technology. Former ruler of Seken, now imprisoned by the Godsmen.
  • Temen God of Order. Exiled by the Godsmen

Minor Deities

  • Amaya Goddess of Fresh Water and Salt Water (adopted)
  • Aneko Goddess of Salt Water (not currently controlled). Imprisoned by her father, Arashi
  • Ao God of Illusions and Lies
  • Aodan God of Fire and Sunlight
  • Chindogu God of Invention
  • Dek God of Freedom
  • Demias Goddess of Celebration and Music
  • Devlin God of War, Pain, and Strife
  • Eirom Goddess of Law
  • Faesus Goddess of Art and Beauty
  • Har-Tam Goddess of the Hunt
  • Kreegan God of Righteous Battle
  • Macha Goddess of Destruction
  • Maelsh God of Luck
  • MariusGod of Camaraderie and Fellowship
  • Ne’et Goddess of Growth and the Untamable
  • Rosul God of Creation and Crafting, Patron of Artisans
  • Seran Goddess of Travel
  • Uistean God of Scribes and Knowledge
  • Vikon God of Healing
  • Wāstel God of the Underground
  • Zekan God of Leadership

Trivial Deities

  • Bemel Goddess of Architecture
  • Gijutsu God of Lost and Hopeless Causes
  • Jinen Goddess of Excess
  • Semias God of Lost Lore


Below is a very limited selection of the huge number of Godlings around

  • Akhlut Godling of Cold Winds in the Darkness
  • Ramliya Godling of Hot Sands under a Scorching Sun. Deceased.
  • No Known Name – The rumored Godling that haunts the cursed Eastern Wastes. Exact domain is unknown.
  • The Weeping Bluffs – A strange godling, literally part of Isle of Tears off the Mannish coast. Exact domain is unknown.
  • The Sightless Wonder – Not much is known about this figure, though his followers are growing after he saved several during the Kemotin attack, and it was not widely recognized as a Godling until then. Seems to have power over the Willfully Blind.
  • “Mercy” or “Sighing Winter” – the cold-based mother figure that is behind The Sighing Winter. Exact domain is unknown. She is presumed dead after being devoured by an Avatar of Akhlut
  • Rivu Aiasan – The massive leviathan that has been known to occasionally surface in the waters off Fla, most recently sighted over a decade ago. Believed to be associated with Arashi. Recently spotted off the coast of Makti

Information on Servants of the Divine

Deities of Seken

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