Days of the week:

Korpesh has a 10 day week (firstday, secondday, thirdday, fourthday, marketday, sixthday, seventhday, eigthday, ninthday and lastday). Lastday and Marketday are both days of ‘rest’ (and market days, to be extra confusing), but lastday tends to be a day of rest and have more of a festival feel than marketday, which has more of a business-like feel (and more people work it).

there are 36 weeks in a year, divided up into 9 4-week months, with a 5 day “year end” festival, for a total of 365 (to keep some things simpler). Please note that this is only Korpesh, other countries may construct their calanders differently. Seasons are roughly the same as earth, though Korpesh has temperatures are overall slightly cooler, with less precipitation and has a longer summer season. Days are 24 hours long, and minutes and seconds are the same to keep me from having to do any more math…


1- Devit: The month of Trials. Named in honor of Devlin. While the weather is much better than Aratis, this month has historically seen enough difficulties to earn the moniker the month of trials. Widespread superstition holds that this is where the Gods judge those that have offended them, and send their reckoning to deal with them. Snow is not uncommon and lack of food can sometimes be an issue. this is the second month of Winter

2- Have: The planting month/the month of birth. Cool temperatures, light rain is common and widespread. Named in honor of Havel The first month of Spring

3- Netch: The growing month. named in honor of Ne’et. Korpesh explodes into growth throughout this month, with most flowers and trees blooming. Many fruit trees also bear fruit during the end of this month. The weather is warm and frequently muggy, but not often actively wet. This is the second month of Spring

4- Aisly: The month of foresight. Named in honor of Aisling. This is, hands down, the most beautiful month in Korpesh, weather-wise. Just prior to the height of summer, there is little rain, but the heat is not too bad (usually around 80 F. It is considered auspicious to plan great undertakings during this month. This is the first month of Summer

5- Aodus: The burning month. Named in honor of Aodan, this is the hottest month of the year, with temperatures peaking around 90 F. It is significantly remarkable if it ever rains during this month. This is the second month of Summer

6- Mars: The month of harvests/the month of labor. Named in honor of Marius. Over the course of this month, many of the commercial and foodstuff crops ripen. It is hands-down the busiest month for the farmers of Korpesh. The end of this month is celebrated with a huge Harvest festival, the timing of which changes slightly depending on the dominate crop of the area/. This is the third and final month of Summer

7- Fare: the month of transitions. named in honor of Farsk of Many Tribes, the founder of Korpesh. The temperature drops rapidly from the summer highs, but stabilizes at around 60 F for most of this month. Weather is relatively calm otherwise. This is considered the best month for great undertakings, and it is believed that actions planned during Aisly and undertaken during Fare are blessed by the Gods. The first month of Fall.

8- Faest: The month of splendor. Named in honor of Faesus. While the temperature drops in Fare, this is the month that the leaves change, bursting into brilliance for one final show of beauty in Faesus’ honor before the winter months. This is the second month of Fall

9- Aratis: The month of storms. Named after Arashi. The worst month for weather in Korpesh, lots of precipitation, often freezing, and the coldest month of the year by far. The first month of Winter

Callius: 5 day long ‘years end’ festival. Named in honor of Caillech. The dead of winter.


The calendar runs from the founding of Korpesh. The current year is 557K

Record Keeping

Dates are written as Day//Month/Year
example: 12 Fare 557K (which would be 2nd day, second week, month of fare) or 30 Aisly 500K (which would be Lastday Third week, month of Aisly)

Timeline of Major Current Events



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