Major Goddess of Death and Magic.
She has three main aspects:

  • The Welcoming Embrace: The calm and soothing embrace of death. not something to be feared, but the restful reward at the end of a soul’s journey. This is her most commonly worshiped aspect on Seken.
  • The Laughing Lady: Bubbling humor and lighthearted, child-like joy. This aspect of her delights in the possibilities that life brings. As the saying goes, the Lady has a sense of humor.
  • The Watcher in the Void: Caillech is the God who is furthest removed from Seken, and she is only tenuously present here. Most of her is in an ill-defined elsewhere, where she looks into the unknown (unknowable?) watching and waiting.

She is arguably the most powerful active being in the universe at the moment, since the imprisonment of Takara. Originally a member of The Godsmen, she up and left shortly before the initial chaining of Takara, founding The Watchers. Her followers have the most widespread and respected church on Seken, and tend towards Neutrality. Most people show no disrespect to her or her followers, but avoid close contact with them because of her odd sense of humor. Her followers are given the title Necromancer. Caillech has some domain over the undead, but almost exclusively free-willed ones. She has several undead followers that she has returned to life to complete their missions, but does not condone mass raising or most of the stereotypically ‘evil’ undead. Whenever a raise dead/resurrection/etc spell is cast it draws the attention of an agent of avatar of Caillech, who will arrive shortly at the caster’s side. The caster must convince Caillech why the subject of the spell should return to the land of the living. Her permission is usually given for the first time without much challenge, but the longer the subject escapes death, the more scrutiny is placed on their reasons for returning. The exception to the rule is the spell reincarnation, which Caillech finds hilarious. Rarely, Caillech will return someone as a Risen, rather than restoring full life to them.

Caillech apparently to have trouble interacting with Seken in a straightforward manner. Her nature, which spans the here and now of the world and whatever the realm of death touches, prevents Her from fully manifesting in either place. She has no Avatars, at least not of Her entirety. Instead, She has servants that embody aspects of Her. Even the mortals she touches directly, the Risen, return with little memory of the event, and no knowledge of the task She has chosen for them.

Caillech branded Devlin and Macha as Voidwalkers, using Gai-Mas, the True Language, to mark this as true. It remains to be seen whether this act was the purpose of the Watchers, but the abuse of the Void, which Caillech has long protected Seken from, has obviously attracted her attention.

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