A Short History of Two Kalbs, A Bard, and a Concerned Prostitute: Part 52

The issue with winning in a duel is that there are rules. And rules are meant to be a gigantic pain without a proper lawyer. Makka’s Avatar was slowly making her way towards us as it finally dawned that we had not yet won. The dragon wasn’t dead and Byron hadn’t won. After much debate with the official, we reframed the battle as one to be done in the Astral. The Girl opened a temporary gate (thank goodness) before we went through.

Rules are a strange thing. When broken so consistently, it becomes a rule in and of itself. I watched Byron and then Leo disappear into a hole dug in the ground. Visualizing it ourselves, the rest of us followed. A new arena was being arranged and I couldn’t help but feel that this was a silly dream. What are we doing here? Then Cinnamon appeared and I felt myself give a sigh of relief. Cinnamon! I gazed at the tower and wondered…

Insatiable Hunger

Why did I come here? I don’t belong with these people, fighting this fight. I’m useless. Sure, I sing a good song, play a good tune, and can help make people feel a little better, a little wiser, a little less afraid, but really I’m freaking useless! Hell, when I didn’t know what else to do, I ran! I never even thought to check on Lady C. Maybe if I had done so instead of running, she we could have had a chance. She’s fighting. She doesn’t even know time is passing. But her body wont last, I know! Dammit! Fuck this! We can’t even kill the 99.9% dead dragon, and one of ours is in the damn tree, and I don’t even know what else can go wrong. Oh, right, little girl. Ugh. Coward. That’s what I am. And weak. I couldn’t stave off the hunger. I remember eating… oh gross! I’m going to go puke now.

In which I get and then lose an incredibly bad Idea
or, a day like any other?

So, I suddenly got the idea that it might be a good idea to follow up on the divine destruction zone in the Lady Zeitghast’s manor, just before we go into Averton. This of course sparked a huge argument with everyone, except strangely Varus. This probably should have been a clue that this was a bad idea, but I get these enthusiasms sometimes, you know.

In any case we managed to talk our way back into the Lady’s manor, and even to the edge of the zone when I had a realization. Firstly that this was really a bad Idea, and secondly that this would work on anything with a divine connection. Like big flashy crystal trees that wizards made. So, that’s something at least. now we know what to do with them if we can move them in a completely non practical manner through the city…

The battle with the eater
or, I'm a dwagon!

We made our way to the market square, as agreed to in the terms of the agreement. As the appointed hour approached it was revealed to us who the eater’s second was: The Dollmaker. How fun. Also, it turns out that the eater is a dragon. a very pestilent dragon. that is somehow fused with the wizards’ tree. We managed to fight the dragon bravely, and then I called upon the powers that be to even up the odds, and I’m now a dragon, admittedly a small one. We have got the eater down to its very last, but it is being sustained by the tree somehow. which is unfortunately allowed by the terms of the contest. Now it seems we must contend with the second….

A Short History of Two Kalbs, A Bard, and a Concerned Prostitute: Part 51

It was a Dragon. A scaborous thing covered in swarms of creatures that tangle and disentangled from it’s hide. Worse still was the tree it dragged from below. We were buffeted by it’s roar as we hurriedly tried to get in position. I didn’t stop summoning as many creatures as I could. Boars and lantern archons danced everywhere.

We felt the first wave of it’s breath hit us and we could feel something inside us begin to pop out like a spider crawling. It was horrible and we were out of our league. Only the sheer number of us and our connection to the Gods kept us pushing. Each time it fed on us, the wounds we dealt were reversed and it was quickly becoming apparent that we were past approaching a precipice. I ran forward as Byron chewed on a stick and laid my hands on the Dragon, forcing a Curse to redirect it’s hunger to protect us.

I screamed as I felt something so intrinsic to me get torn away as I collapsed on the ground. The dragon fell as well and I staggered up, dragging my way to Lacy C, who had begun vomiting blood. Some kind of condition was eating away at her and I used what knowledge of alchemy I could to pick the right vials to push her away from death’s edge. I was utterly exhausted. Byron was a Gold Dragon. Where was Cinnamon?

That’s when I heard Her stand up and I turned to see her clap slowly from the balcony. I drew what reserves of power I had left here as I waited for Makka’s Avatar to make her move.

A Short History of Two Kalbs, A Bard, and a Concerned Prostitute: Part 50

We argued for most of the day. Over the next best course of action and over Leo’s new bloodthirstiness. I hated being here, in this terrible place where the only things that seemed to grow here is bloodshed and death. We departed at night and traveled in stealth to the market square. We somehow managed to make it work before we encountered The Strategist again with a proverbial gauntlet thrown. We had some time to decide on Byron’s duel with the Eater and Gelt watching on.

We finally agreed to the terms of the duel with both sides equipped as best they could encounter. We also managed to squeeze in safe passage until the next day so we could actually fight this battle. Also the Exiled King was to be our second, which is passing strange. We counted the hours until dawn, casting every preparation spell we could and every divination I was able to muster.

When we arrived at the square, I saw the Little Girl standing on the balcony, smiling at us. We felt the ground tremble. The duel between the God’s chosen has begun.

A Short History of Two Kalbs, A Bard, and a Concerned Prostitute: Part 49

Our faded map was the only guide we had as we traveled towards the Eaters territory. It became more and more evident that we were out of our league. We’ve probably known this for days honestly. We planned on avoiding the vampires as we traveled northeast, heading towards the gnoll who we suspected was the Strategist.

However, we were being trailed by humanoid gangers trailing us into a square. We spotted the trap laid for us- a spellcaster and a group of enslaved humanoids. I shivered at the thought of more violence, but things were answered for us when we had to proceed further. The battle was chaotic. People running everywhere while I tried to keep as many from fighting and killing. I think Cinnamon and the others ran south after the leader while I saw Leo slaughter an old man.

There would be words later, but we managed to drive away the crowd here. We traveled a little before we spotted the lieutenant on the wallside. I tried to cast my spell, but it failed dramatically as she managed to cause it to reverberate back. People talked a while with the enemy while I desperately tried to figure out a way out of this new trap. When it seemed like we had come to an impasse, I projected my energy to stay the hands of as many as I could. The others somehow managed to push her back and we retreated south.

We managed to find Cinnamon again after tracking her down and we holed up for the night.

Byron's View
Entering Averton

Why did we think this was a good idea again? I mean yes, the city will probably be destroyed if we don’t, but we could move, right? I mean We’re sleeping in a Troglodyte den. the stench, man, the stench! Having arrived in Sawtooth’s encampment we had to strike out on our own. Cinnamon appeared to be trying to provide some sort of distraction by drawing as much attention to herself as possible, while the rest of us attempted to be inconspicuous. Thus she was jumped.
By goblins.
So, we had to fight goblins. Then we were looking for someplace to sleep, and ended up kicking some troglodytes out of their smelly smelly hole. ugh.

Byron's view: The battle with Chisel
Or: Conflict, Pro forma style

Having just finished our conflict with the sorcerer and the blue goblin, we ran straight into the clutches of Chisel, one of the lieutenants of the Eater. At first it seemed like this might be the end of our journey, but quick talking by Leo began to extend our lease on life. As this kept on going I for one realized that Chisel was looking for a way to let us get out of this while saving her reputation. She didn’t like working for an uncontrolled monster, but was not willing to be seen as a traitor. So, she wanted us to get our shot at the boss as it were. So we had to have a ‘fight’ with her for appearances sake. I think everyone but Varus figured it out. We had our fake conflict and left, only a little the worse for wear to go find Cinnamon and company who had gotten separated during the whole blue goblin affair.

Byron's VIew: The challenge arrives
Or: A lot of talking.

Having found Cinnamon et. al. we rested, and having rested we began to debate a course of action. This continued for quite some time, we being a contentious lot. However, once night fell it was determined that the more… sneaky among us would go to see what was going on in the market square. (The stronghold of the Eater) Once they returned there was a small amount of debate when what turned out to be The Strategist arrived on the scene, to it turns out negotiate the terms of the duel(?) between The Eater and myself as desired by Gelt(s). After quite a lot of negotiation we finally came to some terms and will be meeting upon the field of battle at noon, and have safe passage until then. Now we wait. I do hope we don’t disappoint everyone.


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