A Short History of Two Kalbs, A Bard, and a Concerned Prostitute: Part 56

We saw the various choices (or realities…) fade away as the Gods attempted to show us the various paths leading from our current point in time. We sat at the edge of the battle as wizards pummeled into the void dragon being pulled back to the earth. We debated joining in this battle when we felt something happen to Alice and saw her struggle to sit back up from the Throne of the old creator. I was aghast at what had happened. Why did Alice do that? Was this Alice? She looked more akin to a porcelain doll than whatever she was before.

After some debate, with moderate reassurance from those who can better determine her disposition, we turned back to the problem at hand. Then Chip appeared and things… went weird. Things seemed to have stopped within his range and he/it started talking about how important our decision to come would be. This would not only decide the fate of Valenci, but also dictate the directions the gods take in the future. I wanted more answers- what will happen next? How can we even achieve our goals? Chip was evasive. Unsurprising for a Watcher.

As we returned back to reality, we began helping to construct the device that may save Valenci or doom it…



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