Leo's Awesome Hat

A Marius-blessed hat


Leo’s Awesome Hat
Moderate Enchantment and Illusion

The hat, when willed to activate by Leo, will cause those that are engaged in friendly conversation with Leo (and fail a will save) to view the user as an authority figure they are well disposed towards. If multiple people believe the target is the same, an illusion of increasing strength will kick in, making the target appear to be who they believe they are speaking to. Unfortunately, if multiple people expect to see a different authority figure, they could run into the awkward situation where they all think they are addressing different individuals. The illusion is always wearing a hat of some sort, though the exact nature changes to fit what the target would accept.

Unfortunately, the hat does not give any indication to the user of who they are supposed to be.

the hat has leveled up!
+2 on Fort saves vs Poison

Able to drink twice as much

May take 10 on Diplomacy rolls 1/day

It has no discerned drawback (aside from the use problems outlined above), which may mean that not all aspect of the Hat have been uncovered…


Leo's Awesome Hat

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