Ivraham's Bracer of Daggers

A bracer holding 5 plain looking daggers


A gift given to Cinnamon by Ivraham, it has recently displayed strange powers. When Cinnamon stabbed the puppy from beyond space and time and left the dagger there, it ‘migrated’ for lack of a better term, from where she originally stabbed it to directly above its heart.

According to Ivraham, the bracers and daggers have the following characteristics.
Either provides + 1 deflection bonus to AC or allows you to reroll miss chances due to concealment, as per the Blind Fighting feat, on any creature with a heart (usually a living target, excepting ooze, plants, elementals, and some aberrants and outsiders). User must decide when they meditate to recover Ki points/spells which setting it will be on.

Requires 1 Ki point/day to use.


Ivraham's Bracer of Daggers

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