The Dollmaker

The Builder's Apprentice


You have not met her directly, but she seems to be a 8 or 9 year old girl (in form, anyway), with an obsession/talent for building living dolls. or maybe converting the living into dolls? It was tough to tell.

yeah, creepy.

And whatever she did to get the Builder’s attention, much less respect, you don’t want to know.

Varus also seems to have had a vision (which he rejects) showing that he will personally need to kill her to save…Valenci? Korpesh? All of Seken? it was unclear.

The library of Aisling has two references to The Dollmaker
The texts themselves are as follows:

  • An excerpt from a Prophecy spoken in response to the question “How do I keep my family safe from harm?” asked 1 Aisly 507K. It is noted that the Seer in question was both inconsistent in strength, and that Aisly is known for producing very powerful results. The response was:
    “In the tangled web there lives a weaver, coaxing forth a doom with patience beyond ken. The branches of the tree hold her dark desire, but the fruit hangs out of reach. If you cannot move, what else is there to do but bend the tree to your will, to move as you cannot? What else is there to do but moan, crooning softly that [The Dollmaker] might be where you cannot? [pause] You want to keep your family safe? You must kill your wife. Kill your wife. Kill. Your. Wife. KILL YOUR WIFE!”
    The transcription ends at this point. It is noted that the Seer attempted to kill the wife of the petitioner (who was present) with a pen, causing surprisingly extensive injuries from repeated stabbing. The Seer never recovered her mind. She currently resides in the Vikon Convalescence Home in the Graveyard District
  • The second excerpt is from a coming out announcement, filed in the ‘important threads’ section with only a vague note indicating the Seer in charge of the filing felt it would be important. The filing is a sketch of 4 young girls, all wearing very floofy and over-the-top dresses of the nobility. The face the girl furthest to the right has warped and melted, obscuring her features. It looks at first glance like the ink has gotten wet and run, but there is no damage to the paper. The caption reads as follows:
    “Mindy, Felicia, Adrianette and [The Dollmaker] celebrate their official introduction to Valenci society. Watch out young men! In a few short years, these innocent girls will be breaking hearts.”
    It is dated 20 Netch 554K. In high society, girls are introduced the Spring after they turn 10.

With Damon’s help, you dug through the libraries of Uistean and questioned your contacts to come up with more information about the girl. What you have found is…disturbing. The Dollmaker seems to be an Avatar of Macha, though she is not quite right. Avatars should be restricted to physical mortal shells the way she is, but there you have it. Evidence of little girls matching her behavior have been found as far back as 93K, when the King’s first official action in the new capital of Valenci was to execute a 10 year old girl for treason. She and her doll were decapitated, burned, and dumped into the river.


The Dollmaker

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