The Builder

Creepy ex-seer, hell-bent on becoming a God


__Rejected from the Priesthood of Bemel, kicked out of the Seers of Aisling for giving false prophecy, the mysterious figure known as The Builder lives in an isolated block in the Government district and shuns contact with the outside world.

You have not been able to find out much about him, only that he wants to ‘build that which should not be.’ His ‘son’ Jinko, told of following a trail of destruction to find him over the past 20 years. He indicated that The Builder doesn’t seem to actively cause the destruction, but leaves behind ‘Toys’ that either go berserk or otherwise misbehave when he moves on.

Having met The Builder, you can say without a doubt that he is, in fact, a creepy bastard. While he appears harmless (even grandfatherly), his lab reeks of rotting flesh and chemicals, and his creations range from the mildly disturbing to the downright horrifying. He also appears to be more (or less) than human now, utterly ignoring being stabbed through 3 times, with some of the stab wounds leaking either sawdust or oil rather than blood.

In the end, you got the symbol from him, but not before he revealed he was behind both the dolls used to protect noble children and the attack on them (and has some way to gather knowledge from his creations), and flaunted his power, saying he had ‘what he needed’ from the symbol and mocking you for not being ready for ‘the storm’.

According to the King himself, the Builder has been hired to remove the Skin Thief problem from the city.

You recently found the broken remnants of some of the Builder’s ‘Toys’ deep in the Slag, though you can only speculate as to why.

Some of his creations include Jinko and Andrea, as well as all the guardian dolls the Kalblings had growing up.

You recently discovered that the King was being, at least in part, controlled by the Builder, who was speaking to him under the guise of Klaus. You did your best to break the control, but have no idea if this has done serious harm to the Builder or not.
You still have no idea how to kill him, or even if the form you see is his actually body or just a construct he is inhabiting.

Apparently the Builder’s household is made up of a series of pocket dimensions, much like bags of holding. This allows him to basically fake travel magic, by having certain ‘possibility doors’ and key combinations lead to areas of the house.

He also had the helmet of a The Fuzoku Butsu, apparently violently removed, in his armory.

Additionally, he seems to have taken an apprentice, a young girl of about 9 (at least in physical form), known to Andrea as The Dollmaker

His minions recently attacked the disintegration spot in Balsam District. Although the attack was fought off by members of the Banded Castle, a huge pillar of green and yellow flame has erupted from immediately around the Spot, blocking access.

The Builder has apparently split his soul into three parts, using that to aid in his quest for immortality. Killing him, even destroying a portion of his soul, will just cause him to call on the next part. See The Builder’s Soul for more information.

The Builder

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